It is finished. And now I shall babyproof.

Coming up for air…….


It is finished.

I emailed the $5 Dinner Mom’s Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook to my editor on Saturday afternoon.

And just after I sent the 267 pages flying into cyber space, I captured this…

No…he is not crawling. Yet!!!

He is so close. He gets up on all 4s…thinks about it…rocks a bit…moves his legs…gets up in the bear crawl position…thinks about it…tries to move an arm…

then faceplants!

Kinda funny, cute and sad all at the same time!

I am just so thankful to have finished the manuscript before that little man gets moving. Because I know once he starts, he won’t stop!

And with this extra time I suddenly have on my hands…I think I’ll spend it by babyproofing the house. Off to hide the Legos, baby Lincoln logs and anything else that Tyler might think is edible.

And when that is finished, I think I’ll sleep for a few days.


  1. Camille says

    If you are going to try to move everything that a baby might find edible you might have to end up move the entire house- some babies try to eat everything!! i got lucky with my boys but my friends children tried it all!!!

  2. bethany says

    I’m totally jealous that he isn’t crawling yet. My second boy started at 6 mths (around the 1st of June) and I’m officially over it, ha!

    Cutie patootie :) Congrats on finishing up!

  3. Amanda says

    I have a giant work project I am trying to finish up and my 11-month-old is a crawling cruising crazy girl and I have not been able to spend the time to do the baby proofing. I didn’t have a 5 year old the last time I went through this phase. Barbie things are really, really tiny. Hoping you catch up on sleep and get to baby proof too!

  4. Andrea says

    Aww, Erin! I can’t believe he’s 7.5 months old already – I was due shortly after you had Tyler with my daughter, Grace. She’s almost 7 months old, and is doing the leg thing too. Her Babyness hasn’t figured out how to get on her knees yet, but she does the straight leg thing, and then the face plant. I think the cutest thing about it is she tries to look surprised if we’re watching, then smiles at us and coos… 😉

  5. LisaE says

    Congrats on the book! I am sure you are relieved for getting that done and probably glad the baby isn’t crawling yet….must be fate that things have fallen into place.

  6. says

    we are frantically baby proofing here, too! My little man has two older siblings, a girl and a boy. If there ever was a baby-danger object, its barbie shoes.

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