Can we talk for a minute? #fightfattalk

Can we talk for a minute?

Maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

I’m surprised with myself on this one. Specifically how passionate I just am on this topic. It came to a bubbling surface a few weeks ago when a friend shared a clip from The Doctors show. The segment was mostly talking about women and how our bodies bounce back (or rather how they don’t!) after pregnancy and birth. A passionate young mom and “fourth trimester” photographer was put on the spot and basically told by one of the hosts that women should be expected to bounce back fully after giving birth, getting their old body back. It should also be noted that (speculation here!) it appears said host has had plastic surgery worth more than my mortgage…so I don’t really think she can speak on this issue.

Before I get too riled up here…I wanted to share what I’m really passionate about.

That’s you. As you are.

Please. (I beg of you.) Please. Please. Please. Don’t follow the “this fudge is so delicious” comment with “I’m so fat.” or “This is going straight on my rear.”

Please. Don’t.

Spare yourself. And the awkward moments with your friends and loved ones.

Fight it. Fight it. Fight it.

Not only do you have to fight the spoken comments, but you also have to fight the unspoken comments to yourself. In your head.

Grab your sword. And fight. Fight to the death.

It’s time we start seeing and thinking about ourselves as we are. It’s ridiculously easy to get caught in the trap of thinking negatively.


This infographic pretty telling about what we are saying about ourselves and when we say it. Kellogg’s Special K has partnered with world-renowned supermodel and actress Tyra Banks to help shift the weight management conversation to a more positive one. Special K® has shown that positivity is important to weight management successunflattering photo or shopping for jeans, these negative comments women make about their own bodies and othersare a destructive and significant barrier to weight-management success.

Fat Talk is contagious – and it’s weighing women down. Visit to help SHHHHut down Fat Talk (#FightFatTalk).

This holiday season…start the mantra before the party starts, before you stand in front of the mirror and admire your new holiday dress. Before you hit the department store and see all the shiny little black dresses hanging on the racks. Before you meet the girls for dinner or a drink. Get the mantra going in your head so that you will be ready to fight back with positive words and comments. Speak love.

#FightFatTalk friends. Speak love, speak love. To yourself, about yourself, and to others and about others.

I’m in. Who’s with me?!?


  1. BarlowGirl says

    Uh… I’m 250 pounds. I AM fat. And that is not a bad thing. I’d much rather accept my body as being fat and wonderful, thank you.

    Disappointed in this post.

  2. Rachel says

    BarlowGirl, Don’t be disappointed. She ‘ssaying we should accept ourselves as how we are, that we shouldn’t judge ourselves or others as harshly a we do

  3. BarlowGirl says

    Considering Special K’s history of weight loss ads that use concepts stolen from fat positive blogs, and the fact this seems to be focused on “managing” weight (i.e., weight loss), I will be disappointed in a blog I enjoyed selling out, thank you. I find this a terrible message that is hurtful and a really shiny “LOVE YOURSELF” covering up a “BUT ONLY IF YOU LOSE WEIGHT”. But thanks for telling me how to think.

    • says

      That wasn’t the intention at all BarlowGirl. I would love to have a “live” conversation with you about this so you can see and hear that my message is for you to Love Yourself. I am guilty of eating something and 3 minutes later going on a rant in my own head…about how I shouldn’t have eaten that, how I will have to add an extra mile to a run, how I won’t feel good about my choice, etc.

      I am only trying to encourage people to think positively. What fault do you find in that?

  4. Amy W.C. says

    Oh my gosh… smh I can totally relate! We get so sucked up in the notion that we have to look/be perfect, that we forget to love ourselves how we are! Great post!
    p.s.- (totally off-topic) Friday night I made your Southwestern Chicken Chili but I used leftover shredded thanksgiving turkey that I froze! LOVE the recipe! I froze the rest in containers (freezes very well!) and just had some for lunch. Delicious! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  5. says

    From a long time lurker and constant user of your recipes…. I got what you are saying. It’s all about mindset. The subconscious is the most powerful programmer we have… one negative thought can really mess up the software, even when entered sardonically. Visualization and self-acceptance are integral to happiness and success. However, some folks are always looking to be upset. Keep the faith!!!

    Happy New Year,


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