Back to School Meal Planning Help

We’ve talked a lot about Back to School Savings this week (Amazon discount codes and grocery savings), and today I wanted to talk a little bit about saving your sanity!

(Because that’s really the most important thing, right!)

Meal Planning is absolutely crucial for our family…it keeps things running smoothly, on schedule and without too much of that “what’s for dinner” frustration. The kids help with the meal planning…although we are still trying to get past the “I want spaghetti” every time I ask.  They are great eaters and enjoy most of what I cook…and we’re working hard to get some new favorites besides the default, spaghetti!

If you’d like a little help (much beyond, “I want spaghetti”) in getting started with meal planning, then I encourage you to visit Food on the Table. Because they’ve done all the work for you. You just get to have fun, click around, browse recipes, choose types of recipes your family enjoys…and it pops out a meal plan and grocery list for you! Plus you can do it based on what’s on sale in your grocery store! (Hello, savings!)

Yes, that simple!

There are 2 options with food on the table…the free option allows you to save up to 3 recipes for your meal plan and shopping list. And you can become a paid member to get all the bells and whistles…including  complete week long plans and more, for just $5 per month.

(It’s $5 per month to save your sanity…that’s a lot less than a visit to your therapist!) 😉

You can learn all the nitty gritty deals here.

As you get organized again with the kids back in school, Food on the Table is definitely worth checking out and putting to use!

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