Back to School – Batch Cooking Plan

In preparation for school starting next week, I thought it best to “get ahead of myself”…so I can enjoy the last few days of summer with the kids…and not have to stress about what’s going into lunchboxes, what’s being served to the littles at home, and being able to spend most of my energy on getting all of the kids into the new school routine.

Also, I plan to make most of this with fresh ground whole wheat flour and sucanat in place of sugar. I found some of these healthier options at a nearby health food store last week. Will share the specifics next week.

Here’s what I plan on making up on Friday and Saturday…

  1. Spicy Bean and Cheese Soft Tacos – adding in jalapenos from the garden (for Steve’s lunch).
  2. Breakfast Tacos – for breakfast or to send with lunch.
  3. Ginger Maple Pancakes
  4. Lemon Poppyseed Muffins with Raspberries (I don’t have any strawberries on hand, so I’ll use raspberries from the freezer instead.)
  5. Frozen Banana Bites – for after school snacks
  6. Pantry Trail Mix– will have to see what we have on hand to mix up. Then divide into snack bags for the lunch packing drawer!!!
  7. Black Bean Coconut Brownies – cut into small squares and freeze…for easy lunch box packing.

I think that will be plenty to get us started on the right foot…for lunch, breakfast and snacks!!!

Are you planning on doing any back to school food prep?!

I’ll be sharing progress updates on Friday and Saturday over on the $5 Dinners Facebook page. I’d love for you to join us…as it’s way more fun to do this “together.”

Let’s get this school year started out on the right foot!!!


  1. says

    I have your cookbooks and have seen the black bean brownie recipe. My hubby is worried about the beans in it. I should just make them and not tell him. LOL That is what I will do. Now I just need to go cook some black beans!

  2. Kate says

    I thought these were for batch cooking? I thought batch cooking meant you make ahead & throw ’em in the freezer? with the exception of the brownies I don’t see how these meet that definition. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great quick-fix recipes… but I think calling them “batch cooking” recipes is a misnomer – unless I am missing something?

    • Kelly says

      Yea, all of these recipes she posted can be made ahead in large batches and frozen (except the trail mix which doesn’t need to be frozen but can still be made in large batches – thus “batch” cooking). Breakfast burrito, muffins and pancakes are some of my favorite OAMC recipes… especially because morning is my favorite time to skip the cooking and be a little lazy. :-)

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