$5 Dinners – Theme Weeks from 2011

This past year, we started bringing you all “theme weeks,” where we share our best ideas on a certain ingredient or type of food, as well as other ideas from around the web to help make your life a little easier! I thought I’d gather them into one place, as we close out the year.

I have a few other “year end” posts for you all this week, then it’s back to a more regular recipe posting schedule from me!


And I’ve got more theme weeks planned for 2012…Chili Week, Slow Cooker Week, Green Week, Garden Week and more!


  1. Barbara says

    I came across this Cuban Beans and Rice recipe in Taste of Home: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Cuban-Black-Beans/Print
    I tried it yesterday–came out great. It serves 9. If you can figure out a way to serve 4 with this and keep it under $5 without scarificing the fresh taste, I think you would have a real winner here. It can be used as a side dish or main dish–recommended corn of the cob or a salad with avacodo, onions and honey lemon dressing to round it out to a meal. It meets all the requiresments of healthy, fresh, inexpensive, makes a lot, tastes good, and easy to make.
    Love your books and website. Thank you for affordable tasty meals.

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