Cubano Sliders

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I've partnered up with my friends at Smithfield Anytime Favorites to bring you this new 31-minute dinner! A couple of months ago I had 2 different friends tell me on the same day in 2 conversations that I HAD TO SEE THE MOVIE 'CHEF.' Ok then. I'll see the movie Chef. And so I watched it that weekend. And I adored it. Every part of it. (Except maybe the excessive … [Read more...]

Introducing my new website…Recipes with Essential Oils

Recipes with Essential Oils

After years of using essential oils, I'm finally talking about them "publicly" online! I've never shared that I've used them for getting rid of fleas on poor Cody when he got them from a local dog 'hotel,' that I slather them on the boys feet during the winter months, and that I use my own special 'oily combo' when I wash my face everyday. The reason I am finally sharing … [Read more...]

Grilled Citrus Salmon Packets ~ 31 Days of 31-Minute Dinners


You know what I love about salmon. I love that it does a fantastic job of taking on the flavors and scents of what the sauce, marinade or spices that you add to it when cooking. And I also love that it takes just a few minutes to cook through, even the thicker parts of a filet. This grilled salmon, loaded with citrus and dill flavors can be on the table in just a few … [Read more...]