Recipes & Tips for a Rice and Beans Budget

by Jenn K on October 14, 2013

Even though the recipes we share on this site are mostly on a $5 per meal budget, there are times in the month that you might really need to tighten the belt on the expenses even more…making it more like a $3 or $4 meal for a family of four!  To make this happen easily you can turn to a “Rice and Beans” budget that only uses grains (rice, quinoa etc.) and legumes (lentils, beans etc.) in the recipes as the main ingredients.  Plus, these kind of recipes tend to be healthier in nature as well as frugal!

how to bake brown rice

Cooking with rice and beans can be intimidating to some, so here are a few tricks & tips to help:

Now on to the recipes!

Black Bean Cilantro Mango

Favorite Rice and Beans Recipes from $5 Dinners:


One Dish Dinner Rice and Beans Recipes:

And, of course, find more recipes on our Rice & Beans Budget Pinterest Board as well as on the rest of the “beans recipes, “rice recipes,” and “quinoa recipes” that are posted here on $5 Dinners.

Plus there are LOTS more in both of my cookbooks!

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brianna bray October 21, 2013 at 10:50 pm

How many servings does these recipes contain?


Jenn K October 21, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Generally speaking the $5 Dinner recipes are for a family of four, but most of our recipes are marked with the number of servings each recipe yields. :)


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