Fall Fry {One Skillet Dinner for 10}

fall fry

A few years ago, my family visited Silver Dollar City and noticed a delicious meal being served up from street vendor carts for about $10 per plate. I came home from that trip and decided I could make that same meal for my entire family of 10 for under $10! We dubbed it "Fall Fry" and it is an often requested dish that is super simple to make because it only requires one … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan – December 2010

This month is proving to be quite the challenge from a meal planning standpoint! Here's why this month is a challenge...I'll be out of town for a few days. We'll be eating out a number of times with family and friends. We'll be enjoying a few holiday parties. And we'll generally be running around with our heads loosely attached to our necks. The holidays get so crazy and … [Read more...]

Home Depot Newsletters: Sign Up for Promotions and Savings

home depot newsletters

As the holiday are upon us and everyone's looking for a great deal...be sure and sign up for The Home Depot newsletters for special Holiday Savings!  There are several different newsletters you can choose to receive by email (choose one, some or all). And, since it's never too early to start thinking about spring gardening, you might want to join The Home Depot's Garden Club … [Read more...]

Kroger Shopping Trip – Mega Event and $35 Pantry Challenge Week

Kroger - November 29

Did I manage to make my $35/week budget?!? Read on... I was quite surprised to see a Mega Event sale this week...coming off of 2-3 weeks of solid holiday deals and steals. Thankfully, there were some great deals and coupon matchups as part of this week's Mega Event.  Free Tuna. Free Cereal. And uber cheap turkey bacon! I say I'm trying to clear out the freezers...but I … [Read more...]

Order NOW – The $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

One. I love helping you spend less money and less time on your grocery shopping and your meal prep. Two. I love creating new recipes, tweaking old favorite recipes, and sharing them with you. Three. I love encouraging and empowering you to be creative and resourceful with what's on sale each week at the grocery store. Take all these things that I love to do and roll … [Read more...]