How to Cut a Kiwi – Kitchen Tip

how to cut a kiwi 6

If you've never tried a kiwi, you are missing out! They have this delicious sweet tangy zing to them, and I love tossing them into fruit salads for the extra flavor! And they do well in smoothies this uber healthy Green Smoothie! If you haven't tried one because you don't know how to cut it, or what to do with it, don't worry...know one will ever know! I'll … [Read more...]

How to Shred Cabbage – Kitchen Shortcut

how to shred red cabbage 1

Holy Cabbage!!!! So the lovely L shared this photograph of a cabbage that  her husband found at the market (seriously, this thing needs to be in some contest!) sitting with her daughter in the high chair. Rather, on the high chair. Her face is priceless. And holy schmoly cabbage! How to Shred a Cabbage Remove the outer leaves, and any leaves that are drying out … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Green Pepper {Video}

Green Peppers

Or perhaps the wrong way to cut a green pepper?!? I am a total green pepper cutting rebel and do my own thing when it comes to dicing, slicing and cutting green peppers. I am not, however, a rebel without a cause. I definitely cut with a cause.  In this case, freezing all these green peppers!  In the end, I wound up with the following meal size portions: 6 bags with … [Read more...]

Angel Hair with Julienned Zucchini – Grow. Eat. $ave.


So I am just having the WORST luck with the veggies in the garden this year.  I thought for sure (just like I did with the radishes and the yellow squash) that the zucchini would be in by now...but's taking its sweet precious time getting going!  And I just noticed yesterday that the "powdery mildew" is starting to form on some of the smaller leaves too. :( … [Read more...]