Pumpkin Pie French Toast

Pumpkin Pie French Toast

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I so wish I’d doubled this recipe while I was making it. Tripled, or quadrupled even!

These were so delicious…perfect for the fall season.

It’s really simple…you just add some pumpkin and spices to the egg-milk mixture.

Then make French toast as you would.

Le photos…

The eggs, milk, pumpkin and spices.


It will be thick.

Don’t fret.

They will cook just fine.

Cook in skillet or on griddle.


Well greased.

Grease in between batches too.

The flipped side.

With the leftovers, I cut them into “french toast sticks” and froze them. They freeze beautifully and the kids got to enjoy them for lunch a few days later!

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Pumpkin Pie French Toast

Yield – 4 servings

Preparation Time – 5 minutes

Cooking Time – 15 minutes


  • 12 slices whole wheat sandwich bread ($1.50)
  • 3 eggs ($.30)
  • 1/2 cup milk ($.05)
  • 3/4 cup canned pumpkin ($.75ish)
  • 1 tsp homemade pumpkin pie spice ($.05)
  • Butter and syrup for serving ($.50)
  • Fresh fruit or smoothie as side ($1)


  • Set out the bread for dipping.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, pumpkin and pie spice until smooth.
  • Dip each side of the bread and cook on a hot, greased griddle or skillet. Flip after 1 – 2 minutes.
  • Once all are cooked, serve with butter and maple. And a side of fresh fruit.
  • If freezing, let cool completely to reduce freezer burn.
  • Enjoy this perfect fall “breakfast for dinner”!

Cost $4.15

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  1. Leilani says

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m just all out of maple syrup :( lol
    How do you reheat the strips from frozen? Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. Jodi says

    So sorry I already had breakfast before reading this post! I will definitely try soon, along with the pumpkin cream cheese! Yum!

    • Jodi says

      Update–had the pumpkin french toast this weekend. OMG–sooo good! I had a bit of pumpkin spice creamer left from a bottle, and added that to the mixture, too. Thank you so much for this recipe–a keeper for sure!

  3. LisaE says

    My younger dd isn’t a pumpkin fan but I am planning on trying this recipe anyway this week….sounds so yummy and perfect for this time of year.

  4. Steve says

    This was so good! I can’t wait to have this again. Great job with your site. I am so proud of you and all that you do.

    Steve- aka “The Hubs”

  5. Jamie says

    Made this for lunch today and all loved it! Definitely a keeper!! I don’t know how you did 14 pieces with only 3 eggs though. I used 9 eggs and made a total of 19 pieces and used every bit of the egg mixture. I like getting in the extra protein from the eggs! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. karen says

    can you modify the reciepe for less? Will it matter if you don’t use 14 pieces of bread? Its just me eating it so maybe half would be okay?

  7. Kati says

    Thanks for another hit, Erin! I only got about half the amount of pieces of french toast though. I cut them into strips and my boys loved that.

  8. Christina W says

    I made this but had to change the milk to soy vanilla flavored and home made bread or a bread with no milk in it either way it was still yummyyyyyy! Thanks.

  9. Kim says

    I am trying this weekend using raisin cinnamon bread instead of whole wheat, and a splash of half-and-half in with the milk. Your recipe sounds so yummy though, can’t wait to try it! I finally have a good use for the giant can of pumpkin I bought back in November. Will update after making.

  10. Leisel says

    We had this for breakfast this last weekend. I substituted coconut milk for the milk, because the in-laws don’t eat/drink dairy, and it was just fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Tina says

    Made this recipe after finding it on Pinterest. It is just ok, tastes exactly as you’d expect. I would give this a 5/10 and prefer original french toast better.

  12. Stacey says

    Made mine tonight, they were a disaster! Very soggy and did not cook the way they were supposed to. At first i thought i added too much pumpkin but nope, this was a complete fail…

  13. Rhiana Wackenhuth says

    Making this tonight. It is sticking to my non-stick electric griddle :/ Also, the amount of batter it makes is only enough to cover both sides of 8 slices of bread.

  14. Shelli says

    These were so yummy! All three of my kids are not pumpkin fans, but I made these anyway and didn’t tell them what was in them because I thought they sounded so good. They loved them, thank you!

  15. Marianna says

    Great recipe! Made these this morning for my boyfriend and he loved them! Very simple to make and so delicious! Thank you!

  16. Cindy W. says

    We made these for dinner tonight. They were good. A decent french toast. I wouldn’t say “great!” because they didn’t taste super pumpkin-y. If I didn’t know there was pumpkin in it, I would not be able to identify it. Like others have said, we didn’t get 14 slices of bread out of that small amount of egg and milk. I had to mix up more. Also, after cooking for 1-2 minutes per side, they were still completely soggy. I had to cook them way longer than that! Not a terrible recipe, actually a great starting point! I would made these again, but put my own tweaks on it next time.

  17. Mama Owl says

    I have to agree with others. These were good, but not “fantastic”. They smelled soooo good while they were cooking, but a let down when we tasted them. I also could not get 14 slices of bread out of the recipe… and part of the slices were “very thin” bread… I got 7 regular and 4 very thin… so, yeah, more like 9. I do like the idea of trying it in the crockpot… adding some sweetener and layering it to make a kind of “bread pudding”. Not a total wash, but definitely needs some “tweaking”.

  18. Dayle says

    These were good and I could definitely taste the pumpkin (yum), but I would recommend putting some sugar in the batter. If you are using syrup then you may not need/want it, but my family is not huge fans of syrup and w/out it, there is no sweetness to the toast.

  19. Anastasia says

    I made these last night for dinner, because breakfast for dinner is always awesome! They were very delicious. I think that the people that got soggy french toast and only got 7 slices do not know how to make french toast. You get it in and out of the batter and onto the pan as quickly as possible. I got 12 slices from this recipe. I really was so delicious and such a great way to sneak in a veggie for breakfast! I did use pumpkin pie mix that already has spices and some sweetener it it.

  20. Lucy says

    I’ve never made anything pumpkin related so I have no idea what home pumpkin pie spice is. Can I find it in the grocery store? Can it be labeled just pumpkin spice?


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