Food Allergies on a Budget – Part 4

Welcome to the final installment of the Food Allergies on a Budget Series.  Feel free to browse part 1, part 2, and part 3 when you can.

While dealing with food allergies can be very difficult at the get-go, once you get into your new routine and learn the “new normal” things get easier, you learn what shortcuts and substitutions work and what doesn’t.

I wanted to share a few foolproof recipes and resources in this last part of the series.  To help get you started, or bring some variety and creativity back into your new food allergy diet.



You can also find gluten free recipes, dairy free recipes, and gluten/dairy/soy free recipes on the site. And, many of the recipes on the site are tree-nut and peanut free as well.

We will continue to update the Food Allergies on a Budget page with recipes and deals as we see them and make them!

If you struggle with finding the best deals and coupons for allergy-free foods, then please sign up for the free email updates that include all the allergy free food coupons and deals! If you know someone who deals with food allergies and needs to do so on a budget, please share this information with them 🙂

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I find it ironic that out of the 5 recipes you have listed here, my husband is allergic to three! He has a poultry allergy and that received little to no attention.

Wow. I’ve never heard of a poultry allergy, but your post made me curious, so I searched and found info on the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network that said this about common allergies:

“Eight foods account for 90 percent of all food-allergic reactions. They are milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat.

Some of these allergens may be outgrown, but others, such as peanut and shellfish, will remain lifelong allergies.”

I’m guessing Erin is sticking to addressing common allergies, especially those for which it can be hard to find recipes that don’t include those ingredients. Has it been difficult for you to find recipes without poultry?

My nephew is allergic to chicken/poultry as well. He is also allergic to garlic, which is extremely hard to pick foods for b/c it’s in many different packaged items even when you wouldn’t think it would be, along with having the top 8 food allergies. I have another friend who is allergic only to coconut. It’s pretty interesting of all the allergens and things people can be allergic to.

I love this series! That is a great list. Thank you for including me. And you are inspiring me to do more with quinoa. I have tried it a few times, but I need to experiment with it more.

My daughter is allergic to chicken, beef, top 8 and garlic. I’ve found lots of helpful information here 🙂 Many chicken/poultry recipes can be substituted with pork quite easily.
Thanks so much for including me in your list Erin!

my son showed reactions to beef and lamb as well as many others. If I keep on probiotics he seems to be able to eat most of what he showed reactions to on his blood test. His are just intolerance’s not allergies. I had to make everything from scratch. Still do. Enchilada sauce and homemade tortillas all gluten free and more!

I was just surfing the web and came across your site. I look forward to reading more!

One thing I never knew was that children or adults that are allergic to eggs/chicken should avoid immunizations that use chicken embryos such as the Influenza Vaccine.