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Hello hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend...we had a blast at my third son's T-ball game on Saturday. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything cuter in the world than a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds trying to hit a ball off a T, and then figure out how to run as fast as they can to 1st base. It's ridiculously adorable and I'm soaking in every moment! So … [Read more...]

85 Freezer Friendly & Make-Ahead Breakfast & Snacks for $140 – Reclaim Your Frantic Weekday Mornings!

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It's Time to Take Control of Your Weekday Mornings and Get "One Step Ahead" of Yourself with These Freezer Friendly Make-Ahead Goodies...All Included In This New Meal Plan! This meal plan & recipe set is going to help you reclaim and transform your frantic and hectic mornings. I am thrilled to get to share this with you, and be a part of this transformation process. I know … [Read more...]

20 Meals from Costco for $150 – The 2nd Edition of Slow Cooker Freezer Packs!

20 Slow Cooker Freezer Packs from Costco - 2nd Edition

  Have you ever wished you could make enough dinners for almost a month, so you can spend more time with your family each night while dinner cooks itself? Let me introduce you to the… It's the weekend, the sun is rising and you smile as the house comes alive and you think about all the fun and adventure that will come today. You have a quick thought about needing to go … [Read more...]

20 Meals from ANY GROCERY STORE – Slow Cooker Freezer Packs, 2nd Edition

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Happy New Year friend! The 6th plan is another 'Slow Cooker Freezer Pack' plan with a set of brand new recipes. I have pulled together a fantastic list of recipes for this newest plan and they can all be assembled into packs that you can freeze and quickly thaw and dump into the slow cooker. You've got dinner under control when you've got these goodies stashed in the … [Read more...]

$1 Off Any Meal Plan or E-Book in the $5 Dinners Store ~ Cyber Monday Sale!!!

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Get $1 off anything in the $5 Dinners store when you use the coupon code CYBERONE. Save a buck on any of the holiday bundles. Save a buck on any of the 20 Meals from Costco for $150 meal plans. Save a buck on my brand new Ultimate Freezer Cooking Guide and any other e-cookbook in the store! And don't forget to add the freebies to your cart before you checkout! … [Read more...]