What to Make When…Eggs

It’s time for another version of “what to make when.”

When it comes to eggs, I regularly see them on sale for $1 a dozen…and sometimes even $.88 a dozen!  I do buy some eggs from the store, but for the most part we get farm fresh eggs from our friends from church who raise chickens.

A couple of ideas for you, for when you snag an extra dozen or two in a great sale!

And now you can have something for for breakfast…other than scrambled, fried or poached eggs! And don’t forget to check out how to make the perfect scrambled eggs!

For the rest of the ingredients featured in previous posts, visit the “What to Make When” page!


  1. LisaE says

    I wish eggs were less expensive here. They are $1.58 a dozen here for store brand, sometimes on sale for $1.25 a dozen but not often.

    My girls had a snow day so thanks for all the breakfast ideas we made ham and egg McMuffins. I dragged out the griddle and toasted the english muffins as well as the ham and eggs and they were awesome.

    Thanks for all the breakfast inspiration, we do love breakfast foods.

  2. Shannon says

    I have a very persnickity breakfast eater, any one know how well premade and frozen breakfast taco’s would work out?

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