Sweet and Sour Lentils

1 cup lentils ($.50)
2.5 cups water
1 t salt
1/4 cup apple juice ($.15)
1/4 cup cider vinegar ($.15)
1/4 cup brown sugar ($.15)
1 clove garlic ($.05)
1/2 onion, chopped, sauteed ($.30)
1 cup rice ($.20)
1 Zucchini ($.79)
1-2 T EVOO ($.10)

1. Cook lentils in water with salt. Bring to boil and simmer 20 minutes, until soft.
2. When lentils are cooked, add apple juice, vinegar, brown sugar, garlic and onion. Mix well and heat through until bubbly.
3. Cook 1 cup rice with 2.5 cups water.
4. Slice zucchini and saute in EVOO until tender.
5. Serve lentils over rice. (Rice + Lentils = Complete Protein! Gotta love cheap protein!)

Cost $2.39
This is a CHEAP as it gets!!! Enjoy the meal and the bargain!

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  1. $5 Dinner Mom says

    EVOO = Extra virgen olive oil
    Type of lentils…not sure! I don’t remember what kind I usually buy…I just grab them off the shelf. I imagine this would work with any or a variety.

  2. Jen says

    I just made this unassuming recipe and it was quite flavorful and delicious! Thankn Erin. Also, I didn’t have zucchini so I just microwaved a box of frozen (chopped) spinach and used my potato ricer to drain it before adding it to the lentil mixture. Can’t wait to let my husband & daughter try this for dinner. Yum!

  3. says

    pecorino is often also called ronamo over here. I guess the correct name is pecorino Romano: pecorino ronamo is a grating cheese and then there are pecorino sardo and toscano that are table cheeses. They are all made with sheep milk, but in different part of Italy.

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