Strawberry Rhubarb Mania

So a friend gave me some rhubarb. And well, there’s just but one thing to do with rhubarb…and that is make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

But wait.  Perhaps there is more you can do with rhubarb!

While on a hunt for the best pie recipe, I ran across a few other recipes that called for rhubarb that I wanted to try. I had enough rhubarb and strawberries to make 1 pie, 4 mini tartlets, an 8×8 crumble, and a batch of jam!

After some cutting and prep work, the strawberries and rhubarbs were ready for action!

Peeling rhubarb is not necessary, but I peeled some of the skin off each stalk, just as you would peel the strings out of a celery stalk.

Quarter the strawberries. Place the strawberries on their heads, after cutting off the stems. Cut a cross into each strawberry. Quick and easy!

4 quarts of strawberries and 5 stalks of rhubarb ready to go!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

So the first pie I ever made was just after I graduated from college. I saw an Oprah episode where someone made a strawberry rhubarb pie…so I jumped in the car, ran down to the store to get the ingredients and came home to make it. And it was delicious! I jumped on, knowing that that recipe from 8 years ago would still not be there, but figured she had another one and she did! It was Cindy Crawford’s favorite Strawberry Rhubarb Pie recipeSo if it’s her favorite, it must be low cal, right? Ha!

UPDATE: since then I’ve made my own Spiced Strawberry Rhubarb Pie here!

This pie will be frozen and brought to our Memorial Day BBQ and Party this weekend with our dear friends!

Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Tartlets

For these little pieces of heaven, I used the same filling recipe from Cindy’s recipe and just wrapped the filling up in smaller cirlces of pie crust.  Here is a Raspberry Rhubarb Tart recipe I would have used, had I had some raspberries!

These will be eaten with dinner tonight!

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

While browsing around, I found a crumble recipe that called for just rhubarbs, but since I didn’t have enough rhubarb pieces left, I threw in the rest of the strawberries, and oh boy!  Delish!!!  I never eat dessert after lunch, but I did today!

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with vanilla ice cream.  The baby was really begging to have a taste 😉

Strawberry Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

Get my recipe for Strawberry Raspberry Rhubarb Jam here!

There you have it. A morning up to my elbows in strawberries and rhubarbs! Now we can enjoy every bite of these delicious treats!

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  1. Melissa says

    I was just getting ready to harvest our Rhubarb and needing a good pie recipe. I’ve bookmarked it. Can’t wait to try.

  2. Val says

    Do you have any recipes without strawberries? My husband can’t eat them but he loves rhubarb desserts.

  3. says

    You left out the biggie: dehydrating! Only my Hubby likes rhubarb but we have a huge bush in the backyard. This week I’m cutting off some of the many stalks, chopping into 1-inch dices, and placing in the dehydrator. They will get fairly crispy. I’ll take half and powder them so that I can later sprinkle it on homemade strawberry preserves. The other half I will leave in dried chunks, store in a cool area, and add to Hubby’s strawberry desserts. There is plenty fresh for him to cook up for himself. Vikki at

  4. says

    These are awesome. We made some rhubarb stuff after watching a Jamie Oliver show that was devoted to rhubarb. We made this jam with it with sugar and OJ. We poured it over some vanilla ice cream and it was awesome. Also made some cinnamon and sugar pastry chips to dip in the rhubarb jam stuff. Mmm. I am going to have to try the crumble. :)

  5. Crista says

    Have been “craving” rhubarb for a while now, don’t have access to any :o( This just made me want it more! I’m going to be on the hunt now!

  6. says

    Thank you for the great recipes! I am going to try them. I have 10 plants of rhubarb (they were here when we moved here) and have been afraid to use it. But these have inspired me!
    Thank you!

  7. says

    You know, I’ve never been gutsy enough to try anything with rhubarb in it. Ever! Where I live, we’ve got at least 2-3 weeks before the strawberries are ready to pick also, and I’m down to one jar of jam from last year!! *sigh*

    Maybe this year I’ll change that….Thanks for the pics and great recipes!

  8. Kelly says

    Hi Busy Lady,
    Just wanted to let you know the Dole Package arrived yesterday evening! What a great giveaway-5 4pks of fruit snacks, a jar of tropical fruit, hat, cookbook and 5 coupons for free items! so very nice-thank you! my kids are currently eating fruit cups and popping bubbles from the shipping box-bonus!

    thanks again for all your hard work and for the great giveaway!

  9. Mariam F. says

    hmm i’ve never tried rhubarb! But before I read your post, I was flipping through the June issue of All You magazine and they had a recipe for Rhubarb Crisp..I’m assuming it’s similar to your crumble. The pics look so yummy!

  10. Denise H says

    I love all things rhubarb and when you add strawberries to the mix, food just doesn’t get any better.

    There is one more recipe that you can make with rhubarb. My Mom used to cook it down so it had the consistency of applesauce. That was always a favorite treat in the spring.

    I just found your website. Thanks for putting it together.

  11. says

    I love rhubarb! We grew up with a rhubarb patch and some has been transplanted to my house. My mom has recipies for rhubarb crisp and rhubarb cake and rhubarb coffee cake. We also do rhubarb stew. Which is just rhubarb microwaved until mushy and some liquidy then add sugar to taste ( at least 1 cup in 1.5 quarts if not 2 cups) optional to sub a red jello for some of the sugar.

    VERY IMPORTANT! If you have a rhubarb patch, please note that rhubarb leaves are poisonous. Do not eat, and watch kids and pets around them. Not a good idea to compost them either because of this.

  12. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the great recipes.

    Do you happen to have a recipe to make pinto beans?? I’ve tried everything and mine just don’t taste good? So if you’re able to help, that would be great.

  13. Katie Finefrock says

    Erin, Thanks for the great recipes. You have the best photos for showing step by step. I love baking pies and have tried to teach daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters the art. But when they are far away it is tough, so your photos are fantastic to show how to get it done.

  14. Margaret says

    My favorite way to eat rhubarb is stewed. Just slice and put in a large pot with enough water to cover and simmer until all the fibers are soft (about half an hour). You can then add sugar or honey to taste and eat like applesauce – delicious! (or use instead of applesauce in recipes). I’ve even used this as a liquid to bake with fish, which is also quite good.

  15. Pam says

    Why does everyone excpt me ( and a few others) feel it’s necessary to add strawberries to rhubarb? Rhubarb makes a great pie, jam, etc. – ALL BE ITSELF! Let’s see some good recipes for RHUBARB pie, RHUBARB jam, RHUBARB everything! Thank you!

  16. Darlene says

    I made the jam but did not have fresh strawberries so used a package of frozen I had. it turned out great. I didn’t thaw the straberries first so was able to cut them smaller. love this website and check everyday for something new to try. my husband and I both have lost our jobs so need to save where we can.

  17. Kasee says

    Have you every made Rhubarb Crisp? It’s super simple, and ABSOLUTELY delicious warm or cold…add some vanilla ice cream or cool whip topping and it’s perfect. If you want the recipe, send me an email and I’ll send it your way.

  18. Charlene says

    Have you tried Rhubarb iced tea? And I also have made a rhubarb sauce for chicken.

    Our rhubarb won’t be ready to pick for a few more weeks. The stalks currently are about 2″ long.


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