Huevos Rancheros

It’s been a while since we had “Breakfast for Dinner”! Here is a quick and easy old favorite!

10 eggs ($1.01) 
1/2 cup organic black bean salsa ($.50)
1 cup shredded cheese ($.45)
Couple slices bread or tortillas ($.25) 
2 Apples ($.99)
2 Oranges ($.38)


1. Scramble eggs. When eggs are just about finished cooking, add black bean salsa. Stir through. Quickly top with cheese (omit if GFCFSF). Let cheese melt over the top.
2. Make toast or warm tortillas in the oven.
3. Slice fruit.
4. Serve eggs over toast or tortilla with side of fruit.

Cost $3.58

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  1. The Fat Dietitian says

    I absolutely LOVE huevos rancheros! The university where I got my first degree made the absolute best huevos rancheros…

  2. Debbi says

    It must have been the different Debbi that won the contest, I didn’t get an email. Thanks anyways, love the blog, I’ve made several items already.

  3. Martha says

    this recipe sounds good.. we do huevos rancheros a little different.. but they are good..

    with a little bit of pam, fry the corn tortillas. Do eggs sunny side up. Place the eggs on top of the tortilla.. add Pace sauce.. or any kind of sauce.. :)

    I love your blog! great recipes! Martha

  4. Leeann says

    I have never heard of these huevos rancheros. They sound easy. My husband loves mexican food but I don’t think he’d eat this. The way we make huevos rancheros is to fry the tortillas in a lil olive oil and cook eggs sunny side up. Place tortillas on plate top with eggs and cover with chile con queso. Serve with refried beans. Its a lil messy but its soooo good.

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