Homemade Buns

Since the boys are allergic to dairy, I find it easier to make my own buns. Since drastic and mandatory diet changes take a little bit of time to implement, there are still a few things that I am working on changing! I have now figured out the best way for me to do this (I welcome any suggestions…as I have not had time to search the blogosphere high and low yet!).

Today I made 6 rolls and 6 buns. I made a simple dough in the bread machine. I formed the dough into rolls and buns. I let the rolls rise in my “giant” muffin tin, and then baked them in there. I now have HM frozen rolls for our next soup meal!

Homemade Buns | 5DollarDinners.com

I laid out the buns in a greased 9 x 13 glass pan, let them rise and then baked them next to the rolls.

Homemade Buns | 5DollarDinners.com

I brushed them with melted butter as they were turning golden brown. They cooled off on the cooling rack. 6 rolls were sent to the freezer and 6 buns were sliced for dinner! My eldest ate 2 buns (remember poor kid has been deprived of bread lately!).

Homemade Buns | 5DollarDinners.com

How were they? This was hubby’s remark at dinner…”You made these? I would have thought they were from Trader Joe’s had you not told me!!!” What a compliment! I’ll take it! The perfect bun to go with pulled pork, burger, sloppy joes, pizza boats!

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Homemade Buns

Yield – 8 servings

Preparation Time – 120 minutes

Cooking Time – 27 minutes


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 T oil ($.05)
  • 1 t salt ($.01)
  • 2 T rice milk ($.02)
  • 3 cups flour (I used white as I was all out of wheat :( ($.30) 1 cup flour = $.10
  • 1 package yeast ($.45)
  • 1 t sugar ($.03)
  • 1 T butter, melted ($.10)


  • Make dough in bread machine
  • Knead and add flour as necessary. Shape into bun sizes and place on greased 9 x 13 glass pan. Place roll dough into giant muffin tin.
  • Let rise an hour in warm (not on!) oven. Take them out.
  • Turn oven onto 350 F. Once preheated, put rolls and buns in. Bake 20-25 minutes, until slightly golden on top.
  • Remove buns, brush with melted butter. Put back in oven for 2 minutes. Remove and let cool on cooling rack. Eat, slice, freeze, enjoy!

Cost $.96

These buns/rolls will cover 2 meals!!!

Happy Bread Making!

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  1. Lisa says

    They look wonderful! I have just recently started making hamburger buns and the family loves them. I will have to try your recipe as i am always looking for new ones :)

  2. Grateful for Grace says

    I am giving you a blogger award (no money is attached, sorry!) because I think this is a fab blog and it’s now one of my top 3 to check out. See my blog to see the cute award. You’re supposed to pass the award along to 7 others (but you can see I only gave it to 3). Do with it as you wish.

    Award to YOU:
    I Love Your Blog! award


  3. $5 Dinner Mom says

    Thanks GfG for the Blog Award! I’m humbled and honored! I’m so glad you enjoy this blog!
    I will certainly pass it along!

  4. Betsy says

    I need a bread machine…. I’m thinking of requesting one for Christmas–and now, knowing I could make buns and everything! Hmmm… What a future awaits us!
    Thanks for the award, by the way!

  5. Mrs. Querido says

    How would you make these by hand, without the aid of a bread machine? (It’s out of the budget for now…maybe someday soon!) Thanks!

  6. NeedANap2 says

    Do you buy packets of yeast or did you get a good deal? I finally broke down and bought a lb package at Sam’s (well, I think it really was 2 lbs and I split it with a friend), I keep it in the freezer.

    Amy at Mom Advice has a little different recipe

    I don’t about the soy factor though, sorry! :) She also posted this week about using the same dough for cinnamon rolls

  7. Anonymous says

    I just found your website and I am LOVING it!! I’m going to make these buns tonight and have them with sloppy joes. Keep up the good work- we need idea people like YOU to keep the rest of us going!!

  8. Kristen says

    What a great idea! I make all my own bread for my family, but have not yet thought of making hamburger buns. Could probably make hot dog buns, too, by simply forming the dough into small logs. And you don’t need a bread machine. I use a stand mixer with mixing and dough hooks to mix and need dough for me. Of course, you can always make them the “old fashioned” way by mixing and kneading by hand. :) Thanks for the great website and recipe ideas!

  9. melanie owens says

    If it wasn’t for my bread machine, I’d be lost. I make all my bread and hot dog buns and hamburger buns. I pat my dough out and use a miracle jar lid to cut my buns and for the hot dog ,i form in a rectangle and slice 2″ which makes about 10 or 12 depending on the size. Thanks for being on Rachael, love your website

  10. Dianna says

    What kind of flour would I use to make them gluten free, as my son has celiac disease. We are Italian and boy it has been rough omitting breads in our house.

    • Cassie says

      You can actually buy gluten-free bread flour. Bob’s Red Mill works really well, I haven’t tried others. But if you want to make your own mix you can, just look at a bunch of different bread recipes on-line. It takes a couple different kinds of flour and you have to add xanthan gum and some kind of acid (vinegar or lemon juice) to make up for the lack of gluten.

  11. Vanessa says

    I made these buns. I used my food processor to mix the dough since I don’t have a bread machine. They are very delicious!

  12. jimbo says

    I have yeast but it’s in an unmarked bag, and I’m unsure how much there is. How much is “1 package yeast” if we don’t have them in packages?

  13. Lisa says

    These look good. Just curious though because my boys have been allergic to dairy for years, why do you use butter? We’ve had to stay away from all of it….

  14. Marie says

    could u use any milk product for the rice milk? my daughter has a milk allergy..but we give her lactose free milk..these would b great so she could eat rolls with us. and do u have anymore dairy free recipes?

  15. carrie says

    i can’t wait to try these! my question for you is, when you take the rolls out of the freezer, how do you reheat them?

  16. says

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