What to Make When…Chuck Roast

This week’s “What to Make When…” is all about the beef roast!

My never pay more than price for chuck roast is $2.49/lb.  I purchase one or two anytime I see roasts priced at that point. I’ve compiled a list of must try recipes for when you score your next beef roast deal!!!

Beef Roasts

Soups, Stews, Kebabs

The perfect way to use up a part of a “too large” beef roast.  I all too often end up with a roast that is too much for our family to eat at one meal…so I’ll cut off 3/4-1 lb. and cut the meat into cubes. I can either use it that same week, or freeze the cubes to make a soup or stew later that month. A few examples…

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Do you have a favorite (and frugal) Beef Roast Recipe?!  Please share it with us all!!


  1. Carrie says

    I am loving this series!! I have them all bookmarked and when these cuts of meat go on sale now I know what to do with them! Thanks!!

  2. Karen Hiebert says

    that is our sunday tradition! we get some onions and carrots together while the chuck roast is searing in the pot and then it goes in the oven for a few hours. makes it tasty/juicy! lots of flavor comes out.

  3. sherry says

    I use my leftover chuck roast for enchiladas or chili…just shred and add seasonings or for something quicker: quesadillas!
    I even freeze leftover cooked chuck roast to use for other recipes later such as the Mexican dishes.
    Chuck roasts are one of my favs. I sometimes cook one in the crockpot with a layer of onions on the bottom; then cover roast with 1-2 jars (depending on size of roast and pot) of pickled sliced banana peppers. When done, shred all together with 2 forks. This makes awesome ‘philly’ steak type hoagies. I usually freeze family size portions for quick sandwich meals on busy nights.

  4. Ginger says

    I’m so excited about being able to contribute something! I use the meat cubed (before cooking) and put in a crock pot with a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of golden mushroom soup. It makes WONDERFUL beef tips with gravy to serve over egg noodles or rice. This is my kid’s favorite and it’s been popular when I take food to families from church for hospital stays or funerals, etc. Freezes great too in gallon baggies — just defrost, heat and serve.

  5. LisaE says

    I used to use cans of cream of soups until I read the ingredients on the can-yikes-I haven’t used a can of cream soup in 3 years. Instead, I make my own cream of soup.

    My family’s favorite way of eating beef roast is after it has cooked low and slow (slow cooker) all day or night, then shred it and place back in the juices and eat them as french dips or mock cheese steaks….yum.

  6. Stephanie says

    Thanks so much for starting this series! Meat is one of the things I find myself struggling to know what is a GOOD price. I am planning on doing a price notebook for meat items so I know when good deals pop up in my area.

  7. Lauren says

    I love these posts. I’m a new subscriber and I’ve been looking for someone to tell me the “never pay more” prices! Thanks so much! I really look forward to any more of these that you might have! :)

  8. Stephie says

    I cut my chuck roasts into cubes and cook the in a pan stove top in Italian dressing. Sometimes, I marinate in Italian for an hour or two before cooking. My hubby loves it cooked liked that!

  9. Stephie says

    I cut my chuck roasts into cubes and cook the in a pan stove top in Italian dressing. Sometimes, I marinate in Italian for an hour or two before cooking.

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