Taking Food Allergies to School

In all of my stumblings about lunch and going back to school these past 2 weeks, I discovered this book, Taking Food Allergies to School.  I’m intrigued and plan on ordering…as Ryan will be taking his lunch to school all next year. He will not be allowed to trade with others, for fear of him having something he shouldn’t…and chances are, he will have to eat at an allergy-free table, although I’m going to push that he sits with his classmates and not be allowed to trade (since his allergies aren’t anaphylactic in nature.)

It’s a bit pricey for its size, but just might be worth it…because after reading it, those working with your child, and the children in your child’s class will understand, empathize and accept your child and their food allergies!

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I hope for the best with the lunch experience! It is scary at first! My anaphylactic kiddo is now going into 5th grade and ever since we pushed the teacher to let her sit among the kids, we’ve had great success! She felt worse being isolated!

My Isabella has peanut/shellfish allergies. She sits at a “peanut-free” table along with a few others, however the school refused the suggestion of a “peanut-free” school9LIKE OTHERS IN THE AREA), despite having a child go into anaphlaxis & almost die the previous year. We run into issues when parents inadvertently bring in items for class parties & celebrations…if I wasn’t there, there are so many times she would have been given an allergan :( Other parents do NOT understand the “may contain” labels on foods & incorrectly think these foods are safe. this looks like a great book, thanks for the post !

my child has allergies,,,so dont think i don’t understand the problem,, but if your child is so sensitive, to so many things, why are you even bother to sent her to school? if you are there anyway,, you can just homeschool and take her to socialize with other kids, no worries,, other kids should not be uncomfortable just because it’s better for your child.