Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Brussels Sprouts. Poor things...they have such a bad rap. I really like them. And both boys willingly eat them. I had to convince them that they tasted like broccoli to get them to try them...but once they did, they both finished off their portion. The hint of maple sweetness *might* have helped them eat them all up. I could eat these sweet maple flavored, oven roasted … [Read more...]

Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chicken and Pasta


Over the Christmas holidays, we visited the Second Street Market here in Dayton.  I saw these little gems in a bin...and they were calling my name. I like brussel sprouts. I've liked them all my life.  But I've never cooked with them.  I'd only eaten them from a bag out of the freezer. Cooked, of course. But never had I made them from "fresh" sprouts. Since I wasn't … [Read more...]