Scrabble Tile Meal Planner

Because I love Scrabble.

And because there are very few people who can beat me at “Speed Scrabble.”

(For those who don’t know…”speed scrabble” is like Bananagrams, using scrabble tiles.)

And because integrating what you love into your organization is important too.

This might work with the magnetic tape…although I’m not sure how well the tape side would stick to the wood?!?

Photo Credit: Oh! Crafts


  1. says

    I make Scrabble magnets and sell them to raise money for missions. I buy the business card-size thin magnet sheets and cut them to fit. They work (and stick) perfectly. My freezer door is covered in Scrabble magnets at the moment, but I’m always running out of the letter K!

  2. Claire says

    THAT …. is awesome. Take it a step further: if your recipes are on recipe cards, just tack those under the magnets and you have instant access on the day you need the recipe! Or, alternatively, if you had favorite meals or meal combos (i.e. slow cooker soup, Asian salad), you could write that on one side of the card, and on the other side write down the ingredients needed. Laminate, and you have something you could keep on hand for future meal ideas!

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