10 Recipes Using Girl Scout Cookies

We were on our way to the library last weekend…when we saw this.

girl scout drive thru

And then, the van magically steered itself right now over.

(I swear it did. I had nothing to do with it.)

I love me some Thin Mints. And frozen thin mints…they’re like cookie crack, y’all. (It’s tough to limit yourself to one sleeve. Yes, I said sleeve.)

I wanted to pull together some different and creative recipes that use Girl Scout cookies. You know, in the event that you would have any left to actually use in a recipe.

(And if you do, I applaud you…you have more self-control than I!)


{You’re really gonna wanna pin this one, so when you get your hands on a box (or eight!)…you’ll have some fun recipes to try!}

{Also, recipes listed in order, as shown in image above.}

Image Credits from: Country Cleaver, Picky Palate, My Baking Addiction, Something Swanky, Lauren Weisenthal, Domestic Fits, Your HomeBased Mom, Dine & Dish, Inside BruCrew Life, Little Brownie Bakers

What’s your favorite kind of girl scout cookie? And do you have a favorite recipe to make with them? (Or are you a purist and eat them only straight from the box!?)

happy munching y’all…erin

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I was a Girl Scout and, when my daughter was a GS, I was a leader. I was even a leader before she was born, I was that into Girl Scouts. BUT, when I found out last year that some of that “cookie money” was going to Planned Parenthood, I swore off. Now, I loves me some Thin Mints, but I don’t think we should send those adorable little Scouts out to raise money to kill babies, so I am doing my part to not support that practice.

Girl Scouts are not associated with Planned Parenthood. That was a big issue last year when someone stated this. But it is not true in any way shape or form. I would be happy to pass on the statement from Girl Scouts regarding this if you are interested. I hate to think you have a bad impression of Girl Scouts.