How to Make the Perfect S’mores

This past week was our spring break…and we enjoyed a part stay-cation here in San Antonio, followed by a long weekend at my friend’s ranch-river house near Leakey, TX. It was little boy heaven and no one wanted to leave, myself included.

Charlie Leakey

My happy, carefree, adventurous Charlie, walking through the river. Nevermind that wet jeans are….well, wet jeans!

Ryan Leakey

My shy, clever and focused Ryan…wittling a stick for his homemade bow and arrow set.

leakey tyler


My delightful Tyler, taking his first peek at the river.


Cuatro Leakey

Then there is this. Poor Cuatro.

I was sitting watching the kids play badmitton, when my friend’s 2 year old came and ‘borrowed’ Cuatro’s racket. Of course, he burst into tears…and he has the most adorable angry face…so I had to snap a photo before scooping him up and resolving this 1 year old-2 year old conflict!

What I DID NOT SEE…was the best photobomb EVER happening in the background!!!!!!! 

Good one, Cody Cinco Chase!

cuatro leakey

Cuatro really did have a lovely time too…grabbing for sticks on our hike.

leakey rock jump

And one last one before the s’mores…Ryan thinks he is walking on water. And my husband is clearly just a large child…with his tongue hanging out as they all jump into the river. (The other dude jumping is our friend from Kansas, who is visiting for Spring Break!)

People often tell me I should have one more boy…’to get a basketball team’. My response, ‘I already have one when you count my husband in!’ #manchild

Finally y’all…here’s my trick for making the perfect s’more…you know the one where the chocolate is all melted inside…so when you bite into it…you don’t feel that ‘snap’ of the chocolate…

How to Make Perfect S’mores

Perfect S'Mores

Step 1: Place the chocolate onto the graham cracker before you even put your marshmallow on the stick to roast it. Set it on a rock close to the fire. Rotate it a few times while you are roasting the marshmallow so that the chocolate gets evenly warmed.

Perfect S'Mores 2

Step 2: As fast as you possibly can after the marshmallow is finished, place it on top of the warmed chocolate and then top with the other graham cracker. Press, press, press. You need the heat from the marshmallow to finish warming the middle part of the chocolate.

Perfect S'mores Trick

Step 3: Press and eat. The chocolate will be perfectly melted and the only crunch and snap from this s’more will be from the graham cracker…and not the chocolate!

I taught this to my boys over the weekend, who then insisted on ‘having a contest’ to see who could make the best s’more for Mom. I had no problem judging that contest…and the best part…now I never have to make another s’more in my life. :)

Hope you find this trick helpful in making the perfect s’more!!!

What about you?! How do you make the perfect s’more?!

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  1. Elizabeth P says

    I knew that had to be the Frio River!! We have spent 10+ years of Spring Break at Garner State Park & my 4 kids love it more than Disney World! This was the first year we didn’t go in many years because my kids had 2 different Spring Break weeks :-(

    As for perfect S’mores, I love to toast my marshmallows a perfect light brown all over, peel off the outside layer & eat it (heavenly), then I toast the marshmallow to a perfect light brown again, eat it & repeat one last time if you can. Forget the graham crackers & chocolate!!

    • says

      We love that area! I grew up going to her ranch-river house and have so many fond memories of being there…and now we get to make memories together and with our children too!

      How crazy that they had 2 different spring break weeks…bummer!

      And that sounds like the very best way to enjoy a roasted marshmallow!!!


  2. Mandy says

    I make s’mores just like you do…warming the chocolate on a rock next to the fire while roasting the marshmallow. That does work awesome. But what makes it even better is spreading creamy peanut butter on the graham cracker BEFORE putting the chocolate on and placing it by the fire. DELICIOUS! From the great state of Alaska to you, happy 4th! :-)

  3. Sharon Hartwig says

    Spreading a little peanut butter on the graham cracker will keep the chocolate from falling off and adds a new flavor twist to the old standard.

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