Freezer Staples List

So it’s time to finish out the “Staples Lists.”  We started with the Pantry Staples List. Then the Refrigerator Staples List.

And now the Freezer Staples List.

So what do you always have in your freezer?!?

*The printable versions of the Refrigerator Staples List and the Freezer Staples List are being made at this time. I’ll let you know when they are available for download and printing.

That is not my freezer. I wish I were that organized.  That’s Flit’s freezer.


  1. DeeDee says

    I have all those things along with homemade stock, nuts, butter, homemade pizza dough, homemade pie crusts and ice cream (of course!)

  2. Karin H says

    Right now I totally have freezer envy
    My best organization is keeping the meat separate from everything else…
    I am gonna have quite a bit of work to do

  3. says

    Right now I’ve got two extra freezers full of chicken (whole & cut up). I’ve managed to pack apple cider, gallons of milk, several loaves of home baked bread, frozen veggies, frozen pureed squash, freezer jam, frozen berries, frozen juice, shredded cheese, a couple of beef roasts, extra butter, frozen mashed potatoes (trying to preserve almost 200 lbs. of potatoes that were given to us), and vodka all around the chicken and in the refrigerator’s freezer. I’ve got a 3rd freezer that we’ll use in the spring when we buy a whole beef, but right now it’s full of boxes of books LOL

  4. Lisa says

    Shredded cheese, cooked ground beef, meatballs, ranch dip, cans of biscuits and crescent rolls, plus most of the stuff in your freezer

  5. says

    Except for the store-bought breads that list could be mine! We freeze homemade breads, biscuits, pancakes and muffins. Cheese, tortillas, milk, nuts, chocolate chips, granola, grains and flours, homemade broths and soups, hummus, butter…I have a 6 cubic foot freezer that I store my homemade pre-cooked spaghetti sauces, roasts, different chicken dishes, meatballs, chilies, cooked/seasoned beans, lasagnes, rice dishes and much more. My big freezer holds the meats and milks that I buy reduced, boxes of veggies and fruits that I put up in the summer. The refrigerator freezer holds smaller items that we tend to use frequently.

  6. Amy says

    Homemade stocks/broths, at least one meal of frozen soup or chili, muffins/pancakes/waffles, lasagna or pasta in individual servings, and popscicles for sick days (more in the summer!!)

  7. says

    cooked dried beans, homemade bread, grated cheese, chocolate chips(if no one knows they’re in there, otherwise they get eaten), cookies, nuts, muffins, brownies, treats for lunches, enchilada sauce (when I open a big can I freeze it in smaller portions), grated lemon rind, leftover pasta or rice, leftover spaghetti sauce, frozen meats, portions of leftover ham for ham fried rice, cooked hamburger, freezer raspberry and strawberry jams, uncooked cinnamon roll logs (dough), store bought guacamole, ice cream, cookie dough, milk and sometimes orange juice if it’s on sale. Butter and margerine. I’ve heard that pesto freezes well. My mom used to freeze heavy cream unwhipped and whipped. When whipped, she would put spoonfuls onto waxed paper on a baking sheet, then freeze. Then she would put all of the blobs of whipped cream into a plastic bag. Pull one out when she needed it for pie and it would thaw.

  8. Jodi B says

    Yeah, my freezer doesn’t look anything like that… especially the little organized boxes. Those would probably leave me with even less room. I have lots of frozen veggies and 4 different kinds of ice cream. Corn dogs, french fries, tator tots, hash browns, garlic bread, chicken nuggets, chicken breasts, and 2 kinds of shrimp. Sometimes I put bread, milk and juice if I buy extra. I also had 4 bags of fruit last week but I ate all of it.

  9. Rose says

    Someone please let me know about freezing milk! Do you have to remove some from the jug to allow for it to expand, and is it just as good to drink when thawed as if it were fresh? Or do you just use it for cooking? How about canned biscuits and sweet rolls–don’t the cans burst upon freezing?

  10. Amy M says

    I really love these post on stocking.

    I am a non cooking semi newly wed (8 months) and I REALLY need to do better at my homemaking skills!
    We will possibly be purchasing a freezer with my mom. We don’t have room for one here and she suggested that we split the cost of a new one and it would be at her house (she lives across the street) and we could share it. I am totally liking the idea. We can keep the current weeks food in our above fridge freezer and longer term stuff in the big freezer.

  11. Laura C says

    Can anyone help me out on how to freeze biscuits and rolls like you buy in the frozen section of the grocery? Rhodes rolls or the frozen biscuits you can get from Schwanns or Walmart? I love these but they are spendy. I just need to know at what point to freeze them and if you put them on a cookie sheet, freeze and then put into ziplocs?

  12. says

    Rose–I freeze milk. I do take a little out before freezing for expansion. When I thaw it I put it in the sink filled with cold water and it takes about 8 hrs. to thaw completely. I am not a milk drinker but my family drinks it and doesn’t complain about it tasting funny or even asking if it was frozen milk. I shake it really good before using it b/c there is some separation that occurs upon thawing.

    Laura–I would try it. I think you meant to make your own rolls to freeze. Make up the recipe and let it rise once or whatever the instructions are to get you to the point of shaping the rolls. Shape the rolls, put on a parchement paper or a waxed paper lined baking sheet and spray some PAM on it. Then freeze. When frozen solid put them all in ziplock bags. Then put on a greased baking sheet and cover to thaw and proof like you do with Rhodes. I haven’t tried it before, but if I were going to do it, this is how I would do it. Should work.

  13. says

    Rose–sorry, but forgot about the canned biscuits. I have heard that if you are going to freeze these that you take them out of the can first and store them in a plastic bag. You could separate them and flash freeze them on a baking sheet, line with something first or use PAM and then put them frozen separately into a bag. You have nothing to lose by trying it. Some people will say that you need to cook them first, but I think that you could freeze them uncooked. Try it.

  14. Gail Becker says

    I just bought a new standup freezer & will be organizing food in it. Stocking up on food will be easier because now I have lots more room. Right now I have vegetables in rows on top shelf, 2nd shelf I have meat. I have 3rd shelf & pull out basket empty now, but not for long. On door I have little pocket storage, this will hold anything small. Your staple lists are very helpful!!!
    I hope I can organize as well as Flit’s freezer,LOL!

  15. says

    I have to tell you – I’ve been good at stocking up, but it’s hard to find everything in my ridiculous freezer. I saw this picture and a light just went on – I bought similar boxes and am going to organize my freezer. I’m kind of ridiculously excited about it.

  16. Lori P. says

    Invest in a seal a meal first of all. They work great and you can either make entire meals to freeze or you can put individual servings. Having the extra meals on tight months (October is a tight month for us.) can save you money for food. Eating what you already have stored can make a huge difference in grocery bills. The key is making sure you use them before they go bad. Sealing the food extends the freezer life dramatically.

  17. says

    No way I would have room for those bins in my bottom freezer. I actually have a love/hate relationship with my freezer. I hate it because it’s too small, but I love it because now I never have to debate the moral dilemma of “should I eat or chuck” this freezer burner (insert item) thing that got lost in the back of the freezer for too long.

    I love everyone’s lists. I had no idea you could freeze hummus and guacamole. I learned something for sure. Which reminds me, I’m out of meatballs.


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