Cranberry Pork Chops

I made this recipe what seems like EONS ago…but it really wasn’t that long ago!  But at the same time, it’s been too long.

Y’all know what I mean.  These kiddos of mine have turned up the dial on “time”…to warp speed.  (It’s all happening too fast…they are growing up way to fast.)

Again. I digress!


Made this using some fresh “holiday” (meaning discounted price) cranberries from the  holidays…and the pork chops that I cut from the $1.89/lb pork loin last week.  Pair it with some $.49/lb butternut squash from the freezer and $.99/lb asparagus, and I have no doubt that it comes in under $5!

Recipe can be found in The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.

(Girls gotta sell her cookbooks, right?!?)

UPDATE: For those of you feeling duped or manipulated, don’t! It is not my intention. I have agreements with my publishing house that I must uphold. I made this meal from the cookbook, and shared what I made. As both a blogger and an author, I will forever be using the site to promote my cookbook (the cookbook that I spent HOURS working on, for YOU!). Now look forward to the next FREE recipe!

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  1. says

    Well, I have Cranberries & Pork chops but no cookbook! I guess they’ll have to stay in the freezer till it gets here. Headed to Amazon now:)

    I’ve been planning to order it anyway!

  2. Dar says

    Are you able to freeze the asparagus without it becoming mushy? We usually just saute or steam it, and have been curious if you can freeze it without it hurting the texture or taste greatly.

    We are going to have to try those chops, they sound great! Thanks!

  3. Elaine says

    have pork chops – check, have holiday special cranberries -double check, have recipe, a big fat no. what a tease. *sigh*

  4. the1chery says

    why feature this dish in a post and show a picture if you’re not going to give us the recipe? i understand you have to sell cookbooks but this just feels manipulative.

  5. jsk194 says

    How disappointing! I was looking forward to this recipe since it was first sent out in the weekly menu. Now, there is no recipe and no money to buy a cookbook. Boo to your publishers! Guess I will have to do without.

  6. says

    People please don’t be mad at Erin for this. Why on earth would her publisher want to give her a book deal and pay her money for that content if she was going to turn around and make it available for free on the internet? Many cookbook authors who also have blogs have recipes that are only available in their cookbooks. Same thing for TV chefs. Yes, some of their recipes are available online or on their shows but most are found in their cookbooks.

    Let’s just all be thankful for all of the free recipes and resources that Erin does provide us and encourage her success with her cookbook!

  7. Stephanie says

    I agree with the above poster – Erin has a contract to uphold with her publisher. Don’t be a hater over a pork chop! I’m sure y’all can google pork chop and cranberry for a recipe if your heart is just breaking 😉

  8. jo says

    Yeah problem if her exact recipe for cranberry pork chops aren’t here..there are many out there..the idea is that you buy things when they are cranberries over the holidays the pork when it’s on sale..and mix and match for different creations over the course of the year…so at our house..not just dinners are can take the same ingredients and make a breakfast casserole…cranberry muffins, etc..

    get realistic about what selling content to a book publisher does…some things you get free..some you have to go through the business that bought the right to your ideas..get the big pic…

    and Duped..we want you a good speller as a book author….that’s the teacher in me..tee hee…enjoy reading about your success..similar to how I raised our family..but without the blog..

  9. the1chery says

    as i said in my first comment, i completely understand about cookbook sales and publishers. my only thought was why feature this particular dish if you’re not going to give us the recipe. it felt like a tease, a “buy the cookbook if you wanna know” kinda thing. i dont even want the recipe, i dont eat pork!

    • says


      I’m sorry you felt that way…it was not my intention. There are certain recipes on the site and certain recipes in the book. So yes, you would have to buy the book to get some recipes. That’s the nature of being both a blogger and an author!

      You will always get free on the website, but I will also promote the cookbook here and there.


      • says

        @Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom, Actually the truly frugal and resourceful will go check out their public library!!!! (while you’re there get the Taste of Home Dinner on a Dime — I combined Erin’s Rosemary Maple Chicken with an adaptation of their Onion Barley casserole and it was DELICIOUS!)

  10. says

    Tease or not it’s a great way for Erin to show us what is in her book and give us an idea if there are recipes we would use. I have a few that once I got it I really didn’t like the recipes in it. So far I’m liking the recipes that she’s giving us a glimpse of. This year I plan on buying my own Christmas gifts since last 2 years I didn’t get one thing a asked for then family wanted to know what I wanted. Hrumph! This year I’m getting what I want and not waiting.

  11. sarah Larsen says

    I don’t mind the tease. I like your cookbook and will buy it eventually, but maybe add an astrick
    to recipes that are only from cookbook?

  12. Laura Breaux says

    I was in the position where I wanted the cookbooks but didn’t have the extra money to buy them, so I just shaved $5 off of my grocery budget each week for 4 weeks and I had enough money to buy BOTH cookbooks on amazon. I just replaced one meal per week with something dirt cheap like PB&J or breakfast for dinner. As cookbooks go, Erin’s books are so reasonably priced. The best investment I’ve made! They have saved me tons of grocery money in the long run.

    I’m not sure how Swagbucks work, but I have heard that you can cash swagbucks in for gift cards. That would be another way to get the books.

    Let’s not forget that the cookbooks are Erin’s source of income that enable her to stay at home with her children as well as spend hours on this website FOR US!!! I believe a little gratitude is in order.

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