31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas: Day 2

31 Days School Lunchbox Ideas - Day 2

I know how busy and intense the transition from lazy summer days at the pool to adjusting back to the 6:30 am wake up calls can be…so I thought I’d help out by sharing a different lunchbox idea each day this month.

What’s In Day 2′s Lunchbox?!

  • Ham & Cheese Kebabs
  • Carrot ‘chips’ (you can buy these or save some money and make your own with a crinkle cutter tool)
  • Potato Chips

Disclaimer: These ideas are just a small part of the total food eaten throughout the day. Some have smaller amounts of protein and/or green veggies than others, but you can balance that out with serving more protein or green veggies at other meals/snacks. Feel free to adjust these ideas to fit your family’s needs.

Erin’s Favorite Lunchbox Packing Tools

When it comes to packing lunch boxes for the 3 older dudes, I need sturdy that will last ALL year and into the next! Which is why I recommend the following…

Free Lunchbox Printables

Free Printable: School Lunchbox Ideas List | 5DollarDinners.com Free Printable: Weekly Lunchbox Planner | 5DollarDinners.com

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Happy lunch packing y’all!!!



  1. Michelle says

    Christy, I think they are just raw carrots. You can purchase them (at a higher price) already “crinkle” cut or you can pick up a crinkle cutter for around $5.00 and do a bag of whole carrots for a lot cheaper! And then you can use the crinkle cutter on radishes, potatoes, celery, apples-all sorts of food to liven up the lunch bag! 😀

  2. Kari says

    Erin, Is there a certain brand of Ham that comes in little chunks as shown? Or are you cutting chunks from a whole Ham yourself?

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