Recent Media Coverage

For all those who were not able to see, here is a clip of my 3 recent news appearances.

Disclaimer: I use as many organic ingredients as I can! And yes, that’s Pauly Shore, the comedian, in the second segment! I have permission from the Media Library and the news director from the news station to post this video.



  1. Diane-The Whole Gang says

    That was impressive! First so cool to be on Fox News. Second I dont know how you maintained such composure with Pauly Shore acting goofy. I think youre ready for your own regular segment!

  2. Sarah says

    way to get the word out there! pauly needs to stick to what he’s good (or sort of good) at and stop stealing your thunder. 😛

  3. Little Miss Bossy says

    Very cool! Pauly tried to fist bump you…you dissed him!! LOL Guess that’ll teach him for stealing your airtime!! hehe!

  4. Andrea @ Mommy says

    BTW – When I was working at Target Dayton last night, I spoke to a lady about my site. I told her about your interview in the paper and how I loved using your site, and the fact that you’re local. She said, “Yeah, she’s the one who has been on tv, right?!!”

    I was like, “Yeah, I know her :-)”

    Hehe – just had to tell ya!


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