No-Thought Dinners

What is it about PBJ, Spaghetti, and Mac n Cheese? Why do we default to those foods?

Because they are mindless.

It takes little to no mental energy to make these meals. It takes no thought when it comes to actually putting them together. There is no double, triple and quadruple checking the recipe for missing ingredients or funky directions or cooking methods.

But what are some other mindless meals that you can add to your meal rotation?

Obviously this depends on your “cooking level,” what you’ve made over and over in the past, and what your family enjoys! (And food allergies/intolerances too.)

In an attempt to help myself through the blurry days of newborn-hood, I’ve put together a list of “No-Thought Dinners” that can be quickly thrown together on a moment’s notice and without having to use too many brain cells. Some are the “Load N Go” variety, some are variations of the mindless meals mentions above, and others are just family favorites that we all enjoy and don’t require too much thought to toss together.

Don’t forget to check out for all kinds of simple meal ideas that are all cooked in one dish, and also take a peek at my Stock the Freezer List for Baby!

What are your “No-Thought Dinners”?! What meals do you love to throw together for your family, using little to no brain power?!

Please share links and recipes below!


  1. susanne says

    my go-to’s:
    (homemade) chicken noodle soup.
    spaghetti and meatballs.
    breakfast (pancakes, waffles, french toast).
    kielbasa and fried rice (stir fry)

  2. Jan says

    My husband and kiddo both like plain foods with no sauce or ingredients mixed together (for instance no spaghetti sauce or casseroles)- any ideas??? We usually have plain chicken over and over.

    • Heather says

      Try making salsa’s to go with the meat of the day. Mango salsa, cucumber salsa, black bean and corn salsa, etc. It’s not a “sauce”, but an addition to the meat.

  3. Mandee Pate says

    barbecue chicken legs in crock pot, brown rice( 1 c rice, 1 can beef consomme, 2- 3 tbsp butter and chopped onion covered @ 350 for 45 min-60 min.) string beans :)

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