I doubled this meal and then froze it in 2 parts: Few dinner portions without cheese.  Another few portions with cheese. After seeing the pasta box on the counter, my oldest asked, "Are we having macaroni for dinner?" I replied, "Yeah, but this is Taco Macaroni." To which he responded, "Yum. Tac-aroni!" Clever, huh? Not sure how to pronounce this...Listen … [Read more...]

Black Eyed Pea Casserole


Jeannine emailed this great gluten free Black Eyed Pea Casserole recipe to me a few weeks ago and I knew we had to try it! It's not dairy free, but the cheese could certainly be omitted, or just added to individual servings!  And although we are not eating entirely gluten free at the moment, I do try to keep the gluten to a minimum! It's so easy to get in a rut or feel like … [Read more...]

Bachelor Stew


Kristie sent me this super easy and "throw together" recipe for Bachelor Stew. Ingredients... 1 lb ground beef (Kroger had it for 1.97/lb where I live) 1 can of Vegetable Soup 1 can of Ranch Style Beans ($.79) 1 box of Corn Bread ($.44) Cook the meat in a large pot then drain. Dump in the soup and beans, mix together, and simmer for 30 minutes. When I make the … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Garden Fresh Chili on Red Potatoes

Garden Fresh Chili on Red Potatoes

A perfect hearty meal to warm my tummy, just before an hour of "begging" in our neighborhood! Yesterday I was blessed by our farmer's market! Today is busy, perfect for another crockpot creation! This afternoon I will be at my son's fall party at the preschool. And tonight is "Beggar's Night"...apparently the PC term for Trick or Treating! Not sure why it's called beggar's … [Read more...]

Mexican Rice Casserole for 8

I have the pleasure of taking dinner to some dear friends, as she just had a major surgery. This meal will serve 4 adults and 4 kids. If you've got a larger family, this is the post for you! Mexican Rice Casserole Yield - 8 servings Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time - 35 minutes Ingredients 1 lb ground beef ($2.25) On sale this week 1 package taco … [Read more...]