Free Printable Planners

Free Printables from $5 Dinners

We are now offering our free printable planners through the $5 Dinners Store. They are completely free to download!

Because they are free, we won’t be able to offer any customer service assistance for expired downloads because we don’t have the manpower! :)

If your link expires, then you can simply ‘re-order’ it and download it then. Please note that you have 72 hours to download the files. Also, please enter a current email address when checking out, as that is where the files will be delivered.

Grocery Shopping Lists

Write you grocery list right next to your meal plan…and keep track of your estimated and actual spending as well.

Make your shopping list with the printable template divided into the most common product categories.

Menu Planning Templates

Make out a month long plan for your menus based on what you have stocked up in your freezer, pantry and fridge.

Write up your weekly meal plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Print out a calendar with a month’s worth of gluten free recipes and meal ideas, each with “clickable” links  back to the original recipes. Get the accompanying shopping lists for the gluten free monthly meal plan in the same download.

Pantry Staples Ingredients & Recipe Cards

Stock your pantry with the items on this list and you’ll be minutes away from the Pantry Staples Meals. The Recipe Cards for the 10 winning Pantry Staples Recipes come in the download as well.

Gardening Planners and Templates

Square Foot Gardening Planning Worksheet – Includes a 4×4 grid to plan your SFG layout. Enough space to include the plant name, plant date and how many plants per square; plus a notes area

Container Gardening Worksheet – Includes space for large, medium, small and rectangular pots. Enough space to include plant name, plant date and number of plants per pot; plus a notes area.

Simply add to your cart and check out. They really are free!  

Free Printables from $5 Dinners


  1. karla gigante says

    I just saw your site for the first time today. I printed the shopping list for myself and my daughter too. I also sent her the web site too.

  2. Dawn H. says

    I love this website!!! I have recently started meal planning and I am not very good at it yet and this site helps me so much!! It all seems a little overwhelming but I went to your coupon class today and you ladies helped me feel like I can really do this. Thank you so much. My kids and husband will definitely appreciate it!

  3. Tiffany Myers says

    Just ran across your page and LOVING IT! I have been meal planning for the past 2 yrs and am alays looking for new recipes and ways to improve my planning abilities. With a family of 5, 2 teen age boys, I’ll take all the help I can get

  4. says

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  5. Angel says

    I just found this website/blog, and Wow am I impressed. Thank you for the great ideas, tips, recepies that you have compiled here! You have made my job (mom) so much easier. You have taken a lot of the thought and worry over “what will I make tonight!!??” scenario. So THANK YOU!!!
    I will for sure be passing this along to my friends and family!!

  6. RChristopher Thomas says

    Came across your website looking for great meal planning ideas. Look forward to the info you post on your Facebook page…

  7. says

    I came across your site while searching for budget friendly and food allergy friendly meals. I love the variety of Gluten Free recipes you have, as well as the monthly planner and good list. This is a really great site! I love it!

  8. Jen Doerk says

    I am very new to this site but really like what I am seeing so far. Would love to see an app that brings this all together in a mobile manner?

  9. Tonja Bock says

    I just purchased 3 printables 5 dollar dinners and noticed that neither of these 3 had the prep and assembly instruction sheets like the first time I purchased these planners a month or so ago. Do you no longer offer the food prep instruction sheet anymore?

  10. says

    Nice to have a printable planner but with phones and tablets, it’s just a lot easier to use an app or website to simplify dinner and grocery shopping.

    That’s what does for a very small fee.

    Get 1 month Free Trial. No credit card required.

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