Join Amazon Mom – Get 30% off Diapers and Savings on Other Baby Needs

So I may be a little late to the party, but I just discovered Amazon Mom!!!  You get the benefits of FREE 2 day shipping, plus other great deals like 30 % off diapers and wipes with S & S. And you get special savings on a host of other baby and toddler needs as well.

I discovered that you can get diapers for less than $.15 per diaper!!!  Here’s how…

  • Sign up for Subscribe and Save to get an additional 30% off the diaper order. (If you choose to not receive the diapers after the first payment, you can cancel the subscribe and save service.)

Below is my order for a pack of size 3 Huggies diapers.  They would have been $23.20 (which is an amazing price for a 156 count pack!), but I paid nothing because of my credits from Swagbucks.

Are you an Amazon Mom?! (And I’m not talking about the kind that swings from trees with monkeys in the depths of the Brazilian forest!!!)



  1. says

    Love that they did this amazon mom thing. It’s really working in their favor too. I NEVER bought diapers online before they started this promotion (and the one right before it too). Now unless there is a fantastic deal at CVS, I only buy my diapers through Amazon!

  2. Sarah says

    Yes, I have been doing the Amazon Mom thing with S&S for gDiapers and it’s great! I am saving so much on the gdisposable inserts that it’s cheaper AND better for the environment than disposables from the store. I LOVE

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