Amazon Deal – Vanilla Beans for $.41-$.59 each

I don’t know about you, every time I walk by the spices I gawk at the fresh vanilla beans! I really wish I could afford to buy the ones in the store, but they run at least $2.50-$3 per bean!

(Yeah. No thanks!)

I have not purchased vanilla extract in a LONG time because I have a very large bottle from a friend who was in the Dominican Republic not long ago. They sell vanilla there by the gallon, and it’s just a few dollars for the gallon. No lie!

But I’ve got good news…there are currently 2 great deals right now for vanilla beans on Amazon! You could purchase the larger amount and make a ginormous batch of homemade vanilla extract. Or you could buy a smaller package for a little more per bean and use them to make homemade vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla bean frosting, or some of this Raspberry Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding!

The 2 Vanilla Bean Deals

Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans – 16 beans $9.48, with free shipping, or $.59 each. (This is the deal that I got, as I don’t need 54 vanilla beans!)

Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans – 1/2 lb. – Approx. 54 beans$22.29, with free shipping, or $.41 each.

And please check out The Thrifty Mama’s Homemade Vanilla Extract recipe, complete with cost breakdown and all!  It’s very low maintenance, and is definitely cheaper in the long run…especially if you do a lot of baking!

And what makes Amazon deals even sweeter?! If you don’t have to pay cash out of pocket…use those Swagbucks credits to get these “free!”


  1. Melissa says

    Thanks Erin! I ordered some. I plan to purchase a dozen “mini-fridge” bottles of Bourbon. Then I am going to combine the Bourbon and beans in a large bottle to make vanilla extract. Then I will have a dozen little bottles to pour the extract back in to, and share with friends!

  2. Sarah says


    Totally! I have not bought vanilla extract in years – I always make it, and it is so much cheaper and BETTER than store bought! I make it with vodka, the cheapest I can find, a liter at a time…and then I just use from that bottle until it’s gone. It just gets stronger and better as it ages! I leave the beans in the bottle so it steeps constantly. Also, when your extract is gone, you can refill the bottle by half and make another batch using the same beans. I get 2-3 batches of vanilla out of one batch of beans, each batch 1/2 the quantity of the one before, if that makes sense.

    • Aileen says

      Thank you so much! Do you have a specific ratio of beans to vodka you use? I’m so excited to try this, I’ve been dying to but it’s always seems so expensive!

      • Sarah says


        Not really. The beans I usually use (just ordered these, never tried them before!) are usually pretty big and soft, and I use about 15-20 of those. I split them, scrape out the seeds, dump them into the bottle of vodka (1 liter), then chop up the pods and dump them in too. You wouldn’t have to chop the pods – I do because then as I use the vanilla the pods stay immersed as long as possible in the bottom instead of sticking up and drying out. The recipe posted here says to wait 6 months to use…I usually wait no more than 2. Every once in a while when you think of it, give the bottle a good shake to mix it up. For me, once it looks nice and dark and smells like vanilla and not vodka (in other words, so good you want to climb inside!), I go ahead and use it. I used to strain it into smaller bottles, but I don’t bother with that anymore either, although that’s purely personal preference.

  3. Rhonda Hall says

    I ordered the beans on Friday and bought the $22 ones and am splitting with my friend so we will get about 26 beans each for $11.50.
    We made our own vanilla last Nov. and it is now ready to use..
    We made one bottle with vodka and one bottle with rum…so we’ll see which we like best..We paid over $6 for 2 beans back then…(dummy us) at our local grocery store…
    Guess what? They shipped out the same day and were delivered today….
    We will make Xmas /birthday gifts, use it for creme brulee, and ice cream..Hopefully someone will give me more ideas since I (we) have so many beans…

  4. says

    Thanks for this tip! I make my own vanilla extract and have been putting off ordering more beans due to cost. And, I paid for them w/ giftcards earned through Swagbucks, so they were free!

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