Let us teach your kids how to cook!

Are you too busy or just stretched too thin, but still want your kids to learn to cook? 

Would you rather have someone else take on this teaching for you...so that eventually your kids will take over the cooking at your house?

 (I know that having it come from someone besides mom & dad can make a big difference!)

Do you want your kids to learn valuable life skills and cooking strategies that will bring them a lifetime of culinary fun?!

Then you are going to want to get your hands on
the new Whis-Kid Guidebook!
I'm super stoked to share this amazing new resource with you and your family. 
We want to help and we have just what you need to....

  • Teach your kids how to cook a meal from start to finish.

  • Have someone else teach them, because it's just too overwhelming to do it yourself.

  • Instill good cooking habits and a love for cooking in your children. 
With each of these, WE GOT YOU.

  • Whis-Kid cooking lessons and my children making the meal, as I instruct them. Your kids can follow along and do the same in your kitchen.

  • It totally helps having someone else teach your children. Think no power struggles and diminishing patience. It takes a village, right?! Well, with the help of video technology and the Whis-Kid Student Guidebook, we can be a part of your village.

  • We will dive into proper food and culinary safety, as well as proper habits for keeping the kitchen clean. 
The infectious enthusiasm and positive energy in the teaching videos with Erin and her boys will seep into your kitchen and help your children grow in their culinary skills and abilities. 
Introduction with Special Notes for Adults and Kids
I want to make sure that everyone knows the rules and boundaries for Whis-Kid cooking lessons. It's important for me, yourself, and your kids to all be on the same page!
Cooking Objectives Lists
I want both adults and kids to clearly see how much they will be learning, and for the kids to feel accomplished in their culinary work.
Shopping Lists (4 servings)
I recommend that you get all of the ingredients for each set of 5 lessons at once. Your kiddo will learn to cook 5 different meals throughout that week. And when you're ready to move onto the next lessons, the next shopping list is ready for you.
Complete Recipes
And by complete, I mean that each recipe page includes cookware lists, cooking objectives, video links, and completion stickers so that your kids will be well equipped and have success with each meal prep experience.
“Cook alongside of you” Videos
Erin and her boys recorded all of these lessons for you to work through along side of them. Erin teaches one of her boys (and your kiddo in your kitchen) and walks them through cooking the meal from start to finish. With this approach, your kids can follow along and feel like they’re cooking with friends, and have highest chance of success with their meal prep.
Exclusive Bonus Videos with Erin
Learn more about knife skills and knife safety, as well as other cooking and kitchen safety rules, and an overview of basic cooking terms. These videos are only available to our Whis-Kid friends.

You might be wondering...
But Erin, I can get cooking videos anywhere! 

  • Yes, but they won't be as fun, informative and "live in the moment" step by step - where I teach my child in my kitchen, while yours follows along in your kitchen. This unique approach will lead to greater success!

But Erin, seems like a hassle to have to get "extra groceries"! 

  • Well, not really - because the shopping lists organized to go through 5 lessons in a week’s time. Just think, that makes up 5 meals for that week and there is no cooking for you for almost a week! Just need to supervise!

But Erin, this will all just be too expensive! 

  • The meals in the Whis-Kid lessons are both budget friendly and kid friendly. The shopping lists are well organized so that you can cross check for ingredients you already have and only purchase what else you need to make the meals. (Our shopping list ingredients were less than $50 each week.)

  • Note: the shopping lists and recipes are written for 4 adult servings, so please adjust the amounts as needed for your family. That’s a quick math lesson for your kids! 

But Erin, what if they mess up and the meal is a total flop?!

  • They probably will. I can’t sugar coat that. But that’s just part of the process. I’d suggest a little supervision while they are working in the kitchen, and having a backup plan in case the meal is a total flop. :)

  • My hope is that will not happen, especially given how the videos will guide them through the cooking process!

But Erin, what if my kids aren't the right age?! 

  • While can't offer exact ages that Whis-Kid is appropriate for, I can say that just about anyone can use these lessons with a bit of help from an adult.

  • With the help of an adult, these cooking lessons are suitable for children and teens of all ages. We feel that age appropriateness, level of adult assistance and supervision should be determined by you, the parent. You know your Whis-Kid best!

  • Don't let the KID in Whis-Kid cause your older kids to miss out on the kitchen adventures. These lessons are perfect for teens too! For reference , my boys in the video lessons range from 7-14 years of age.

But Erin, how do you know what you’re doing with a cooking curriculum?! 

  • First off, the recipes and content in this curriculum are very kid friendly in terms of enjoying the food, but also in terms of simple, basic cooking objectives. I have been teaching my own children to cook for years, using the same methodology and similar recipes.

  • AND - fun fact, I have an M.Ed. with a specialty in curriculum design.

If I missed your question, just hit the little chat guy in the lower right corner and ask away!
Information about returns and refunds...

If you get your Whis-Kid Student Guidebook and your kids don’t end up using it, we will send you a return mailing label and refund your order. 

Unfortunately, used guidebooks cannot be returned or refunded. 

But my guess is that your children will be chomping at the bit to get started with these lessons. :)

It’s super simple to get started - tap here and get your order placed. Before we run out of stock! 
Once your order is placed...
our shipping and packing team (that would be the boys you see scattered throughout the page here!) will get your order ready and straight to the post office.

While you wait for your Whis-Kid Student Guidebook to arrive in the mail, we will send you a couple of emails to get you ready for success with your cooking lessons. 

Once your Guidebook arrives, read through the introduction and then decide which meal to start with. When you are ready to cook, use the Guidebook to: 

  • Set out the cookware you need to use to make the meal

  • Set out the ingredients you need to cook

  • Tap or access the video link to cook through the lesson

  • Add a completion sticker to the page of the meal you cooked

  • Accept high fives from your parents and siblings, for a job well done

Use the Guidebook to keep track of the meals completed, and when all of the lessons are finished...fill out the certificate of completion for your child and deem them an official Whis-Kid! 

I hope you’ll get this ordered today and take advantage of our special new release pricing.

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