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The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

So we all know that I’m having a love affair with avocados this summer. But that’s not the reason that these scrambled eggs are perfect. There are probably 7 gazillion ways to make the scrambled eggs, but I’m going to share with you 5 tricks that will help you make the perfect scrambled eggs.

1. Milk – Add the same number of teaspoons of milk as you have number of eggs. 8 eggs. 8 teaspoons of milk.

2. Whisk – Whisk the eggs and milk for at least a minute, ideally two. And do it with vigor.

3. Angle of the Whisk – Don’t whisk in a circle. Whisk at an upward angle to allow more air to enter the eggs as you whisk. More air means fluffier eggs.

4. Heat level – Scramble eggs of medium-high heat. Scrambling on high heat will turn your eggs gray. No thanks. (I scramble with my dial set between 6 and 7.)

5. Scrambling – Don’t add the whisked eggs until the greased skillet is hot. Pour in the eggs and let them set before you start scrambling. Use a plastic spatula and move the set eggs to the middle or either side.  Then tilt the pan so the runny eggs move to the open space in the skillet and let them set.  Gently stir around as the eggs set. Serve piping hot. (Cold eggs…blech.)


Milk (in the ratios mentioned above)
Salt and pepper to taste

In this case, I added salsa and diced avocado. How to choose and cut an avocado, in case you were wondering.

The perfect eggs and the perfect great way to get a veggie (although it’s really a fruit because it has a seed, but in my mind it’s a veggie) into your breakfast meal.

Avocados. Swoon.