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Lazy Lasagna Bake Recipe

I heart lasagna. Specifically, I heart the end result of lasagna.

I don’t heart the creating of lasagna. I just have a mental block on lasagna…which is why there aren’t that many lasagna recipe on this here little website. There are a few, but not many. I think lasagna is pretty budget friendly…it makes a lot, it’s filling and it freezes well (in case you have leftovers – I recommend cutting into single serving squares and freezing individual portions in small plastic container…easy peasy lunch right there!)


I’m just lazy I guess. It’s the layering, I think. Which is funny because I don’t mind making layered enchiladas or even tray after tray after tray of rolled enchiladas.

Well, we can be glad for my mental block…because it resulted in this. A pasta bake…with all the flavors of lasagna. Less layering, same delicious end result.

It looks like this…

Layer of cooked (to al dente) small shell pasta.

Layer of meat sauce.

Layer of cottage-cheese-y goodness. (I use cottage cheese because it’s cheaper than ricotta. Do a 1-to-1 sub of ricotta in the recipe below, if you prefer!)

Layer of sauce.

Layer of cheese.


Yes, it’s still layers, but it’s easier and faster to prep. (At least in my head!)


P.S. Make gluten free with small shell gluten free pasta. Tough to make this dairy free, sorry!

P.P.S. I shared this recipe with our MyFreezEasy members last month and it quickly made it’s way to the “top of the charts” into the #3 spot! I suspect by the end of this month, it will be the most popular MyFreezEasy recipe! (Don’t know what I’m talking about, learn more here.) 

Buon appetito!!!! 

Lazy Lasagna Bake Recipe



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