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Say ADIOS to Dinner Hour Drama and Stress! 

I Wanted to Run and Hide When it Came Time to Serve Dinner, But Then I Discovered…

  • The KEY to Being One Step Ahead: It’s not that you don’t have enough time
  • Time Blocks: When you use them wisely, you’ll stop feeling like you’re spinning backwards every day.
  • Newsflash: Your family has to eat EVERY DAY. Multiple times a day. So, let’s get ahead of the game and finally find that happy place of being (and staying!) ahead of your hungry family…

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My goals for you are simple.

To make dinner easier and more enjoyable.

To spend less money on groceries.

To feel confident in feeding your family,
day in and day out.
Erin Chase is the founder of $5 Dinners website, the Grocery Budget Makeover course, the MyFreezEasy program, the Vonnie apps, and the co-founder of $5 Meal Plan. She is on a mission to help you spend less money on groceries....and make dinner more enjoyable for millions of families around the world.

She has a total crush on guacamole, homemade fajitas, Orange Theory Fitness classes, running at the park, and iced caramel coffee. Oh, and a monster crush on her husband and 4 boys too. 

Erin Chase
Founder, CEO
What our biggest fans say...
From Jill W. in Memphis...

While the "what? you want to eat again? I just fed you yesterday!" will never completely go away (except for when they grow up and then I'll be crying over my clean, quiet kitchen...),
Erin's $5 Dinners and MyFreezeEasy plans have changed the way I feel about dinner prep!! 

There's something about solidarity that clears your head a little and helps you see your own way forward.  That's what I got from Erin: solidarity!

 I used to hate dinner planning...Erin changed that!

I still don't love cooking, but the thinking part is greatly diminished!

Thank you, Erin!

(You're most welcome Jill!) 
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