Workshop Testimony

I’d like to share a Marnie’s testimoney with you all!

She emailed me just after the Grapevine workshop to let me know about her savings experience.

“The class was awesome! I went into it thinking I have read (even studied) and tried to do all of this (especially couponing) before. To no avail. I could not get a system that worked for me. So invariable I would quit. Even the thought of cooking 3 meals a day and planning out a menu for even only a week seemed overwhelming to me a part-time homeschooling and working mom of 2 young girls. And to top it off we deal with food allergies which almost automatically throws you higher in your grocery spending!

When you ended up cooking 2 complete meals for 5 dollars so easily and fast, I was encouraged and thought I might be able to do this. I did learn much about couponing and other money-saving tips. I made the alfredo sauce from your recipes and added some parmesan cheese. It was wonderful, quick, easy and inexpensive! Again, I was encouraged.

Anyway, I stopped by the store and picked up their circular. I thought I am only going to start with what I can do right now. I had no time for coupons this week (nor having any kind of learning curve right now). I decided to try to shop only from the front page of the circular and if there are other in-store discounts on other items that I may need. I did just that and it was easy.

I planned my meals as I went based on what was on sale. I recommend doing this at home but my meals were very basic though. It really did not take that much time and my grocery bill was only $77.00 when I finished! that is a miracle! I saved on this trip alone $45.00! and why wasn’t able to do this all along?

My husband flipped, he was excited and we have had wonderful, healthy meals. Our bills have been as high as $200.00-300.00 per week! and I was encourage by your ability to only spend $60.00-80.00 each week. So that is was I tried to do as well. I am thrilled to know that even baby steps can help save soooooo much!

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