Where the Wild Things Are! – Garden Update

I thought I’d show you some of the “wild things” that popped up in the garden this year!

Above you see chives.  I planted the seeds early in the spring last year…not having a clue what would happen to them.  Some of them sprouted but didn’t get too far.  I just left the pot alone over the winter…and up sprouted a bunch of chives!

I’m looking forward to enjoying the baked potatoes with “wild” chives!

There are a number of random spots with “wild” cilantro.  The leaves aren’t very full, but it reeks of cilantro. There is no question that it’s cilantro.  I’m just letting it grow in and we’ll see what happens!

And there’s a lone green bean plant that has sprouted among the squash and zucchinis in the “side patch.”  I’m going to let it grow up and lead it towards the wire fence that keeps the rabbits, squirrels (and 18 month olds) out of the garden. I’m hoping that it will run all the way around and the kids can pick green beans all summer long!

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Please tell us what’s happening in your garden this week!!! Feel free to link up your blog post below…or leave an update in the comments!!!


  1. megg says

    chives grow like weeds around here — everyone seems to have some & my aunt’s yard is so full she can’t give them away fast enough. I have a small yard and we have two large almost bushes of them!! AND a tip i learned last year at a Home Depot Do-It-Herself workshop (free) that rabbits HATE marigolds! And since I hate having a fence around my garden I gave it a try last year and with us living in the center of what seems like rabbit country — NOTHING was touched! Its my secret weapon now :)

  2. Virginia Adams says

    Hooray for volunteers!!! or wild things, as you call them, Erin. How I love the volunteers that pop up! Several (6 or 7) years ago I planted one little lemon balm plant–in a pot to contain it. Well, it reseeded itself–outside the pot, and now there is lemon balm everywhere. I pull out most of the new ones, but I give away many little plants to friends. I have 6 bunches of lemon balm hanging upside down and drying out for tea.

    Catnip from several years ago is all over the place. Not a bad thing. I share little seedlings. Plus, it is time to dry several bunches of catnip for more teas.

    I too, have lots of chives. The original plant continues to multiply and I’ve cut out several chunks to share with others–who are now complaining that they have TOO many chives. But they also re-seed, and there again I pull out the volunteers that are in the way.

    I planted potatoes last year, thinking it would be fun for grandkids to help dig up. It was loads of fun, and we really tried to get all the spuds. But, we failed. So now, in the middle of my sweetcorn, I’ve got a couple of lovely potato plants. Oh, well. That will be fun, too. Corn and potatoes. Perhaps the next time I have a grandkid gathering we can roast corn and ‘taters.

    Two pumpkin vines have sprung up from my homemade compost. Well, actually a LOT of pumpkins and other plants sprouted from my compost, but most of them got treated as weeds..But in two separate areas of my garden I’ll have pumpkins this year. One is at the other end of the sweetcorn bed. I’m working hard to keep it from stomping out my corn! I’m trying to make it grow up a trellis so that it won’t take up so much bed space. It worked last year, and was fun for the grandkids to watch–me too!

    Around my garden I have a dozen blackberry plants that were “volunteers” at my parents’ place. The plants were sending out roots and little canes, and we were destroying them like weeds. But I cut some out this year and planted them in my garden. I’ve eaten a handful of berries a few times this season and there are a few out there still ripening. How I love those blackberries!

    I have a pomegranate tree that I’m still trying to decide where to plant. This tree is yet another one of those volunteers-from my brother’s tree.

    Yes, ya just gotta love the volunteers.

    But the “on-purpose” plants are pretty wonderful too. How fun to plant things and watch their progress! Yippee! My green beans are just starting to produce. I picked a HUGE amount today. Enough to share with others. Later this week, I guess I’ll be freezing or canning some before they are through. Bush beans don’t have a long season. But I’ve got more bush beans interplanted in other spots in my garden that will be maturing in a few weeks. So those will provide handfuls here and there for supper. The BIG crop is mostly for preserving for winter. Am afraid my pole beans are languishing and trying to die. Don’t know what I did wrong, but at least I was consistent. ALL the pole beans look the same–sick.

    Tomato plants look wonderful There are a few grape tomatoes on one vine, but they are far from ripe. I have a few yellow pear tomatoes out there, too, but a long way off from being salad fare. The other tomatoes are just teasing me with blossoms. I do see a few tee-niny peppers on some of my hot pepper plants. The eggplants are starting to form blossoms. I think I’ll be seeing little tomatillos someday soon.

    There’s lots more, but I think what is growing the best for me this year is my crop of weeds! My goodness they are healthy! If I’m not careful, they’ll get out of hand – again! Wouldn’t a weed-free garden be a dream? Someday….

    Happy gardening, all!

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