What to Make When…Fresh or Frozen Fish Fillets

Next up on the “What to Make When” Series…Fresh or Frozen Fish Fillets.

Every now and again, there will be a great price somewhere buried in the store circular…$2.99/lb for fresh salmon fillets.  $2.99/lb of frozen tilapia fillets.  These two types of fish are what we like to eat…and what we can manage to squeeze into our grocery budget! (Besides canned tuna.)

A few favorites…

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Do you have any favorite budget friendly fish and seafood recipes to share!?  Link them up or leave them in the comments.


  1. Karen Han says

    Is there a difference btwn. frozen/fresh? I see frozen as shrink so its less bang for your buck. I love orange roughy but they don’t sell it here. :(

  2. Dianne M says

    Thank you so much for your time with this extra feature. I stock up often at special sales not always knowing “what to make when” I do. The recipes, all of them look so good (keepers).

  3. Colleen says

    Cod comes on sale here quite a bt and they make excellent fish tacos! Lightly season the fish with your choice of Mexican spices, then either bake or pan fry them. Stuff some fish in a tortilla with shredded cabbage and fresh salsa and drizzle fresh lime juice over the top.

    Another big hit in our home uses the fish we catch locally; mainly bass and perch. After making the filets, dip each one into beaten egg(s), then coat with crushed seasoned croutons (use your imagination, any seasoned croutons will do!) Bake at 350 till they are opaque and flake apart. Top with lemon juice or soy sauce, or…..?

    • Ann M says

      Thanks for the tip on the fish tacos! My husband would be thrilled if I made these at home. In fact, that was going to be my response to this post – how do you make fish tacos? Thanks Colleen. I suppose tilapia would work as well as cod? Tilapia is what is usually on sale around here.

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