This Week’s Shopping Trip – The Online Version

No “in-store” shopping trip for me this week!

We were away for a few days at the past weekend, so we still have quite a bit left in the fridge.  I’m not normally one for online shopping, but I thought I’d use this week’s grocery budget money to shop from a few cool sites.  I stocked up on some diapers from, and also grabbed some much needed cleaning supplies (spring cleaning is coming up!) from

I used a $5 gift card that I bought with Swagbucks (but sadly they don’t offer it at Swagbucks at the moment).  Also, has FREE SHIPPING (6 item minimum).  If you don’t have 6 items that you need, either wait until you need 6 items, or look around for some inexpensive “filler” items to bring your product total to 6 items.

I rocked this deal for some Huggies at and will pay around $26 after the rebate.  And I shopped through Ebates to get a small percentage cash back on my order at  Double whammy!

So overall, I got a box of diapers, a pack of diapers, hardwood floor cleaner, Swiffer Wet Jet refills, and some travel baby food “fillers” for a total of $40 (after rebate and gift cards)!!!

Do you do any online shopping for grocery or household items?!!?  If so, for what types of products? What sites are your favorite for online shopping?


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    I usually buy gluten free flours online through because I can save quite a bit off the grocery store price, plus I can use my gift cards from swagbucks and orders over $25 receive free shipping.

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    I actually used an online produce delivery service a few times around the time when my son was born. Their prices are pretty set – no fluxuations or sales. So sometimes the prices are good but other times they’re double the grocery store’s prices. But they are convenient! They’re only in the Atlanta area.

    I also used once (combined my free shipping, $10 off first-time-customer discount), and I used once (with a Swagbucks gift card). I’ve considered Amazon, but usually I can do better in my normal shopping.

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    I just used the online grocery shopping service for the first time today since my son has a bad cold. We have a brand new Harris Teeter just down the road and they sent out a code for $10 off $50 and no service fee. I normally get most of my groceries at the commissary but I’ve been getting some amazing deals by doing coupon matchups that they double and sometimes even triple. One time they doubled coupons up to $1.99 and had tons of coupon items on sale at the same time – I saved more than 50%!!!
    Anyway – they just called to say that my order was ready and that they didn’t have the thin bagels I wanted. I asked for no substitutions b/c I wanted to use my coupon but she asked if I would mind trying another brand for free? Ha! I’ll try anything for free!!!

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    As a follow-up this was a great thing! There is a special place to pull up right next to the front door, they brought out my groceries and put them in the back for me all while my kiddos were quietly watching a movie. Such a time saver! Also by shopping only the sales I got $87 worth of groceries for $44 and will have a $3 coupon credit for the next time.
    It may be worth the $4.95 service fee in the future to avoid buying those ‘extras’ that weren’t on the list that tend to be budget busters. :)

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