Weekly Shopping Trip

Well, let’s just say that the past few weeks at the store have been LESS THAN stellar! I’m lucky to make it through the store without losing it and/or without buying 9 “craving items” that are NOT on the list!

I did not use any coupons this week, but did buy many items that were on rollback and the Great Value brand for most other items. I did have to get some birthday party supplies too! (You might note that the cake mix is “gluten-filled” and the ice cream…the boys are undergoing some further testing, in which they have to have gluten and casein in their systems for the tests to be accurate. Testing for celiac and “sugar” intolerances. I will continue to post GF options for the meals!)

I spent $61.43 for the week.

For all the best deals and coupon matchups for Walmart, visit Deal Seeking Mom!

Cellfire has released a new set of “electronic” coupons.  A few examples are: Colgate Total Advance Save $.75, Huggies® Diapers SAVE $3 off 2 packages, Nature Valley® granola Bars Save $.55, Banana Nut Cheerios® Save $.75 and many more!  Head on over here to load up these great coupons to your card!

Also, there is a great cereal deal this week at CVS.  You can get 3 boxes of cereal for $2 after ECBs using the coupons that were just released from coupons.com!  All the details can be found here!


  1. Diana says

    I did my shopping for 4 weeks and only spent $189 after coupons! That’s $47.25 per week! I will have to have my hubby stop for milk,bread and produce once a week, but he has better self control than I and he will only come out with what was on the list. LOL

  2. says

    LOL Erin…the cake and the ice cream were the very first things I zoomed in on! They just popped out like a sore thumb :) I’m sure the boys don’t mind the tests if it includes ice cream and cake!

    Hope it’s a great day.

  3. says

    I had to slightly increase my food budget during my first trimester thanks to cravings and food aversions. It was frustrating to go grocery shopping but I survived and returned to much more normal eating my sometime in the second trimester.

  4. says

    Are you worried about introducing the gluten and casein into the diets and then having to remove them again? I just know that I’ve heard “horror stories” and there’s been regression and it’s taken longer to get back on track and that alone makes me so nervous to give B anything other then what I’ve sent and preapproved.

    • says

      Regresssion hasn’t been terrible…will be going back onto the diet once testing is over! I do believe it helps tremendously with development and behavior!

  5. LeeAnne says

    I’m new to this so….I not current on the lingo…What is ECB in the CVS section??
    I want to save on the cereal!!

    • says

      You buy 3 cereals for $10. Use 3 $1 off coupons, so your total is $7 that you will have to pay. But you get $5 back in “Extra care bucks” that is like a cash coupon to use on your next purchase. So it’s like you get 3 boxes of cereal for $2!

  6. Jessie says

    Hi! I’m new to your website (saw you on RR- been reading daily since). I see your family is gluten free. I noticed on the recipes you always included GF options. I figured you could not have it. Then I nocited in your comment from above you mentioned it helps with the kids development and behavior? Just curious about the no gluten???
    BTW- made the sourcream enchiladas, loved them!

  7. says

    Hello. I am very interested by the testing that your children are taking. I have been studying Autism for a friend of mine and these items are the next steps after testing for heavy metals from vaccinations. Would you mind stopping by my blog to leave a comment regarding any info you can provide. I will be writing more on the food part of the research but you can comment on any post.

    Christina Baita CWB

  8. shirley says

    yesterday the WalMart manager told me they don’t take coupons printed from the internet. Have any of you had this problem before?

  9. Menda says

    shirley, I had that problem at kroger once. I left a comment on the website that I was disappointed that they didn’t take internet coupons, and they responded that they were able to take them and sent me a gift card in apology. Their manager had been mistaken. I’ve never had a problem using any kind of coupon at walmart, though.

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