Weekly Meal Plan with Printable Grocery List – November 15th

The $5 Dinners Weekly Meal Plan with Printable Grocery List

I’m so excited to now offer this amazing new weekly meal plan and printable grocery list for you all! This is by far the most requested feature that I have yet to offer…and it’s finally here!

Here’s how it works.

I will post 5 links to archived recipes, plus an additional 1 or 2 recipes for breakfast, snacks or batch cooking recipes. You can click through to see the original recipe and print that recipe if you like. (Or go green and just come back to this post to get to the recipe.)

Will you join us on this week’s meal plan?!

The Recipes

Scroll down and you’ll see a list of ingredients for each of the recipes included, in the order they are listed above. I’ll include ALL ingredients, including many that you already have in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. If you have those ingredients, just don’t click them!

Put a check mark by each of the ingredients, and a cute little box will appear at the bottom of your screen with your grocery list. Once you’ve clicked all the ingredients you need, print your list and be on your way to the grocery store!

Ingredients List


If you are seeing this in an email or in your reader and you’d like to print your grocery list, then click here to access the list feature, which is only available on the website.

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(And did I mention this is all FREE!!!!!)


  1. Jenny says

    Looks great!!! But for some reason, I can’t get the little box to check mark when I click on it…any thoughts?


  2. Bernie says

    I can’t get the thingy to put checkmarks near the ingredients for my grocery list, either. Help. Thanks….sounds like a great idea, though.

  3. Meghan Hanna says

    I am on Firefox and I was able to click the items on the list & see the box pop up! I love this new feature!! I love your website & I have been sharing with all of my friends who are new “housewives” who are all savvy shoppers! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. Karen Hiebert says

    I like the new system but it would be cooler attached to the archived reciepe instead of scrolling down and then listing the reciepe too, it feels like 2xs the work. good idea though!

  5. Annette Yu says

    Second time using the new “My List” feature (firefox) & works great! Would love to see it combine ingredients as I click on them so all the same ingredients are added together for a total quantity, but otherwise a wonderful addition to an already helpful & easy to use website! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Diana says

    I was looking in the pantry this morning wondering what to do with that bag of lentils. Now I know :) I’m going to make your lentil and brown rice casserole for dinner tomorrow.

  7. Tammy says

    Can’t see the boxes? Just click on the words – it worked for me!
    Thanks for sharing this! I am a newbie – can’t wait to gvie it a try :)

  8. Tammy T says

    Is there any way to go back to last week’s menu? I bought the ingredients for last week and forgot to print the menu.

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