Want to Know What I Did This Past Weekend?!

I was hoping for a quiet weekend. I have forgotten what those look like.

Instead, I spent a few hours of the weekend with my blue colored pencil in hand. Scouring. Yes, scouring the Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook manuscript for errors.

Scour. Ing. Scouring.

You can see the concentration and focus on my face. (Didn’t even know Steve was taking the picture!) Every single word. Every single punctuation mark.

This is my final round of edits.  From here it goes off to be scoured by a few other people. And then it’s whisked away to production!


It will be available for pre-order soon.

It will be on store shelves on December 22nd. (But if you want to know a secret…it’s really on shelves before that in some stores.)

(Book signings and workshop locations and dates coming soon. Really soon.)



  1. Rhonda Hall says

    Hope you do another at The Greene…Had a great time for your first cookbook and enjoyed the stew/soup…

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