Weekend Web Walk

(Welcome to a new feature here on $5 Dinners…I’m calling it the Weekend Web Walk. It will post later on Friday evenings each week.)

It’s so easy to get lost online…and spend hours upon hours wandering the woods of the blogosphere. So I thought I’d help get you started on your journey into the forest…but I promise to take you places that will make you drool, swoon, or think deeply!

Care to join me on a stroll through these lovely woods?!

But stay on the path…

  • Survival Debt: The New (and scary) 3rd Type of Debt – Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living Blog

Do you have a post that had a profound (or mouthwatering) effect on you that you’d like to share from this past week?!


  1. says

    Thank you so much, Erin, for linking to our back-to-school article. I really appreciate it!! I can’t wait to check out the other links! xo

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