Weekend Web Walk – It’s Already the End of October Edition

It’s so easy to get lost online…and spend hours upon hours wandering the woods of the blogosphere. So I thought I’d help get you started on your journey into the forest…but I promise to take you places that will make you drool, swoon, or think! 

Care to join me on this weekend’s web walk?!

Just stick to the path…

Do you have a post that had a profound (or mouthwatering) effect on you that you’d like to share from this past week?!


  1. says

    OMG – I tried this yummo curry dish


    because I had sweet potatoes to use (and I always have chicken in the freezer). And I had some coconut milk too. Can I just say WOWZA?! The fam loved it (well, hubs and I did – the kids tolerated it, but then, they just usually “tolerate” most of what I fix anyway). And it’s a crock pot meal, which makes it even better. It was perfect for our Sunday dinner. I’m so making it again. And soon.

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