Weekend Web Walk – The Personal Finance Edition

It’s so easy to get lost online…and spend hours upon hours wandering the woods of the blogosphere. So I thought I’d help get you started on your journey into the forest…but I promise to take you places that will make you drool, swoon, or think! 

Care to join me on this weekend’s web walk?!

Just stick to the path…

  • In other personal personal finance news, Steve and I just paid off the last of our consumer debt. In September of 09, just before Tyler was born a strange thing happened to us.  We bought a van to accomodate our growing family, and we read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover…in the same weekend. So in a matter of 2 days, we took on $8,000 in van payments and decided to eradicate that $8,000 in a year’s time.  Our payment plan had a penalty if you pay it off before 1 years time, so we portioned out the debt and paid it off this week…one year later!  We’re thrilled to be consumer debt free and are well on our way to putting money where it belongs…our savings accounts!!!

So this one’s for you Dave…..WWWWWEEEEE’RRRRREEEE DDDDEEEEBBBTTT FFFFFRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Because the chances of us getting on his radio show are slim to none, I thought shouting it here would be the next best thing!

Do you have a post that had a profound (or mouthwatering) effect on you that you’d like to share from this past week?!


  1. Heather says

    Way to go! We’ve been debt free for a year and a half, which allowed us to fully fund our emergency fund before I quit my job to stay home when my son was born in March. I get chills whenever I hear people’s debt free screams (and I love Dave’s reaction every time!) Enjoy your financial peace!

  2. says

    Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’re huge Dave Ramsey fans! Three years ago we read a couple of his books and decided to make a change in how we handle our money instead of our money handling us. Since then, we’ve paid off SEVERAL thousands of dollars worth of debt AND paid off our mortgage (thanks to some extra blessings), all on a below-poverty-level income. It’s not been easy, it required sacrifice, but that financial peace is so wonderful!

  3. Sara H says

    WAy to GO! Knew I liked you for a reason :) We are on Steps 4/5 and it feels so good – just saw Dave LIVE for the first time – we did FPU but it was great to see him live!! So happy for you guys!!!

  4. says

    Way to go! We also just paid off our SUV last week! Now our car payment $$ is going into a savings account to save up for a van! We have had car payments on and off for the last 8 years of our marriage and we are now switching that thinking!

  5. Clara says

    Will never forget the moment when I dropped off the last payments of my husband’s and daughter’s car 18 months ago. Have been able to pay for the kids college out of pocket, so I am leaving them with less a burden when they leave.

  6. Rhonda Hall says

    Just read Dave’s book last month..we were already debt free but nice to read and remind ourselves not to give into temptation of financing or borrowing…
    Way to go on paying off van I remember the in “school” when Steve announced you all had just bought one..

  7. Kelly S says

    Its funny how things are soo connected. I found you and your book when our family began the “total money makeover”. You should be so proud of your own accomplishments as well as helping others like me as I try to keep the food budget in check. We too are now DEBTTTT FREEEE except the house. With your help and Daves, we will be paying that off soon. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  8. says

    I will be debt free next week, except for the house. I have paid off $10,000 this year on a loan. I am now on a 3 year plan to pay off the house. I have been using the envelope system along with allotments from our house checking account for years. I have an envelope for car maintenance (tags taxes etc.), one for each kid for clothes, one for my oldest for his senior year and ALL those $$ items that come with it, one for stuff for the house that isn’t a necessity. My allotment funds our emergency fund and car insurance. This year, I’m adding a doctor envelope. My medical fund was wiped out due to an illness that I will be in treatment for for years. This is just a little extra to keep up with those bills. This has been great for our family. Happy saving!

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