Ways to Spend Less – 12 in ’12

For 2012, I’ve decided to run a monthly/bimonthly/weekly series called 12 in ’12. It will be a list of 12 related items, recipes, slow cooker meals, etc. that will help you along your way in spending less on groceries and being creative in the kitchen!

First up…Spending Less!


There are lots, and lots, and lots of coupons out there. Coupons are free money people. And if you can get them organzied, they don’t take much time at all! We will share the best and hottest coupons with you…the ones that will help you spend the least on groceries. (You can sign up for express delivery of the latest coupons to your inbox.)

Printing Coupons

Digital Coupons

Newspaper Coupons


Lots of great freebie options out there…and don’t forget that freebies often come with coupons. And “junk email”…so be sure to use a separate email address when signing up for freebies!

Remember to set up a junk email account to use when signing up for freebies!

Daily Deals

There are hundreds of daily deals sites…here are a few of my favorites!

Cash Back

Earn cash back on all your online purchases. Percentages vary from 2% to 50%, depending on the store.

Coupon Codes

Get online coupon codes for thousands of stores. And they can often be used in store as well, just have the cashier type in the code.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is a life saver…and a penny saver too.


Earn points and “bucks” that can be redeemed for gift cards.

So maybe I got a little carried away…more than 12 resources here. But I wanted to bring it all together in an easy to see format. Now you can decide the best place to start spending less on groceries, and on other things too!

Happy Spending Less!



  1. Jeff Crews says

    I have started to say Big Things 2012. Saving on food is part of the Big Things in 2012 mindset. What are your thoughts on eating out? Sometime the quickest option for me is to just get a less than $5 meal from a restaurant. In reality, I could probably save way more by putting that $5 towards my food budget.

    • says

      I had this conversation last night with my husband. He said he wanted to eat out only 2 times a month (as opposed to 4) as a way to spend, and I said that some of the restaurant $$ would just have to shift to the grocery budget. He sighed.

      So it’s a tough balance!

  2. says

    Hi,I am really excited to write to you .As I was going through my tweeter account ,I saw your

    tweets ,I WAS amazed about the amount of information that you shared ,and I thank you for that.
    I have a question is it possible that my son who lives in Muncie ,INDIANA gets the offerings from coupons from you to him even though I am the one who prescribed?If it is possible how can I do that . He is a student at Ball State University ,lives a lone and things are very very expensive . he cooks for himself when he has time,but paying for the essintial things just too much for him .can you help please, if is that possible just send me to my email . thanks so so much

  3. Jennifer says

    I’ve tried to print coupons before but to do so, I have to have a coupon printer or something and if I agree to that, then it makes alterations to my computer. Can you confirm that those alterations won’t damage my computer? Why does it have to do that?

  4. Lauren says

    Did you ever have issues using coupon.com? I was trying to download some coupons and got a virus. Wondering if it was a fluke. Am scared to use it again.

  5. Barbar Simonie says

    I read that you became completely consumer debt free a year ago. Are the details about how you did that on your website? Would love to hear about what worked for you in this process. Any advice for someone that is interesting in achieving that same goal?


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