Watermelon Cutting – The Pretty Way, And The…

So when it comes to cutting watermelon…it looks like there are 2 ways…

There’s this way…


Source: Gayle on Pinterest


Source: chickabug.com viaKyna on Pinterest

Seriously, adorable, clever, creative and cute ways to cut a watermelon.

……And then there’s this way!

(Confession: This has happened to more than 1 watermelon at my house. We end up just scooping it right out on those occasions!)


Maybe you’ve had a similar experience with cutting watermelon?!? Happy Friday y’all…back next week with more recipes!


  1. Christine says

    So I went directly to YouTube since the watermelon link here cut out. My soon-to-be 18 year old daughter was sitting next to me and laughed hysterically over the 44 second video. Then we had to watch a few more. Oh boy. With her funny sense of humor, I can only imagine how this video is going to inspire her to create her own “How To” videos. LOL You definitely made her evening! (Side Note: We made the baby carriage watermelon last year for a baby shower. It was surprisingly easy and a whole lot of fun!)

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