Wake up with Folgers Black Silk Coffee – Giveaway

**Update:  Here are our 4 lucky winners…**

Sara B said, “I need a bold, strong cup of coffee in the morning to face the challenges and joys of raising my four wonderful children!”

Lori said, “I like a richly flavored coffee….none of that watery stuff for me! And I don’t want a bitter aftertaste, so smooth is perfect!”

Kimberly said, “I want to win because I have a four-month-old who I’m trying to get to sleep on her own…which means I’m not sleeping much and NEEEEEED coffee!”

Danielle said, “I need caffeine to function most days! :) and i am slowly teaching myself to like coffee instead of coke!”

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Calling all coffee lovers?!? Have I got a morning java treat for you!

Do you know about this wonderful Folgers coffee varietya dark roast coffee that offers a bold and smooth experience…Black Silk!?

Black Silk coffee brings to life the robust flavors of the morning and leaves behind the smoothest of tastes. Wake up to a bold, yet exceptionally smooth blend with a subtle smoky note. Black Silk coffee is just what fans of dark-roasted coffees are looking for, and it’s the perfect coffee to make true believers out of non-bold drinkers.

Here’s what I’ve got for you…

  • A sixth month supply of Black Silk coffee
  • A luxurious black silk robe
  • Classic red Folgers mug
  • Two biscotti

And I’ve got 1 of these to give away to 4 of you!!!

Entry details…

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Friday, April 15th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Winner will be selected by Random.org.

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*Disclosure: I did receive a prize pack from Folgers.


  1. Shellie Williams says

    A strong cup is a huge requirement to get my eyes open so I can start the rest of my day.

  2. Susy Long says

    Why do you want a bold yet smooth cup of coffee in the morning?

    I love coffee I drink it all day so I want smooth coffee all day not just the morning

  3. Shannon says

    I would love a bold yet smooth cuppa coffee in the morning because the Bodness would wake me up and the Smooth would go down easily first thingin the morning 😉

  4. doreen bain says

    I love waking up to Folgers each morning. I absolutely love dark roast coffee, and have tried the black silk folgers. The bold flavor is my “good morning” wake up that I look forward to start my day with. It is my absolute favorite blend.

  5. Melody Mahanna says

    Why do you want a bold yet smooth cup of coffee in the morning?
    Four boys’ busy schedules plus a military husband keeps me going and coffee is my fuel!

  6. Rebekah S. says

    I would LOVE this b/c I am a stay at home mom of a two years old…enough said?? HEHE, and my husband is a fireman and you KNOW they love coffee. *I get emails and follow you on FB :)

  7. Cathy Stump says

    I would love 6 months supply, but not for me, for my husband. I love him and love to make him happy.

  8. angie h. says

    b/c it is great way to start the day! my nose and taste buds are trained to wake the rest of me up with that first burn my tongue sip!

  9. Heather Didonato says

    Not only would I just simply enjoy a bold yet smooth cup of coffee but I NEED IT!!! As a single mommy of 4 with out that pot of coffee in the morning, well…… If mommy is not happy the rest of the house is not so BOLD AND SMOOTH is a must!!!!! So Please pick me!!!! 😉 :)

  10. Tricia Meyerink says

    As a former barista, Black Silk is awesome for those looking for an Americana!! LOVE IT!!

  11. Tricia Meyerink says

    I love following you on FB!! You give us busy moms great ideas for last minute dinners!

  12. Laurie says

    Why do you want a bold yet smooth cup of coffee in the morning?

    Bold coffee is the best tasting coffee. It really gives me the kick I need to get going each morning. A smooth coffee just goes down easier. This sounds like a great combo.

  13. paula says

    Full Time Mom to 3 ages 12,13,18. Full time wife to Military Man who works sun up to sun down if not longer. Full time housekeeper,bookkeeper,driver,chef and personal shopper. Full time designer & sample maker for winter hat company. Shall I say more? Coffee the other black gold……

  14. sandyk says

    Bold coffee is just what I need to get started for work in the mornings or to have and enjoy the sunrise on the weekends.

  15. says

    I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the mornings either before the family gets up or after they are all gone for the day. I am not me without it :-)