Tyler Declares His Independence (and some winners)

He has done it.

Tyler has declared his independence!  On Independence Day, no less!

He made his first official crawl around 8 am on July 4th.  (The video was taken a little later in the day. We are not morning people, so I didn’t have the camera ready at that hour.)

So there were quite a few guesses for July 4th, but Mary and Nadine were the closest…both guessing 8:30 am on July 4th.

Congrats to both of you!!!

And with that, I’m off to sweep the floors for the third time today. It’s like my broom is my new BFF!

The joys of a crawling baby with new found independence!!!


  1. says

    There’s no stopping that guy now. So great to see this!

    I love Tyler’s great timing for declaring his “independence.” Our youngest took his first steps while we were watching the Olympics. I guess he was inspired to go for the gold!

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